Today’s Problems Become Tomorrow’s Solutions — Let’s Get Well!

Sun, 22 May 2016 05:30:00 PDT

In the years since THRIVE came out, hundreds of technology inventors and social innovators reached out to us with their breakthrough solutions, looking for collaboration and support. We decided to use our unique and empowered position to create ThriveConnect, an initiative to help catalyze, coordinate and support technological, social, educational and economic projects in all 12 major sectors of human endeavor.

By connecting inventors and innovators with investors and philanthropists, ThriveConnect empowers breakthrough innovation in two general categories:

  • Breakthrough Technology Projects — Energy Generation, Health, Water Purification, Water and soil de-contamination, Agriculture, etc.
  • Pioneering Social Projects — Each one a global game changer within their Sector, including Economics, Justice, Health, Media, Environment, Education, Arts and more.

We decided to focus initially on three hugely impactful health initiatives that can help relieve suffering from illnesses that impact hundreds of millions of people all over the world. We are working together with a world-class medical-licensed resort in Costa Rica called Rythmia, to benefit from the expertise they’ve gained from operating their Center. They currently focus on plant-based medicines and whole-being lifestyle support, and will expand their services to include these additional treatments as we succeed in developing and releasing them.

We are taking next steps to establish the necessary legal and practical protocols for the new treatments. Meanwhile, we encourage you to take advantage of the array of life-changing services they offer. They are true allies for ThriveConnect and are furthering our mission with a quantum leap of structural and internationally-applicable legal support.

Stay tuned for further updates.



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