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Let’s Talk for Real — About Humans and Climate Change

Sat, 24 Oct 2015 12:00:00 PDT

Saturday, October 24, 2015
12–2pm PDT

Have you ever seen a friendly, knowledgeable, public debate of different views on the climate issue? We haven’t. So let’s create one!

Join Foster and Kimberly for this online think tank and bring your data, perspective, concerns and an open mind, so at least we at ThriveTogether can have a useful exploration — with time, mutual respect and a shared mission of learning from one another, discovering more truth, and identifying effective paths of action.

  • Why is there no live, televised public debate about global warming/climate change/climate collapse?
  • Isn’t it important to solve atmospheric pollution regardless of whether it’s a major factor in warming or cooling our planet?
  • If the planet were warming and continued to, even after reducing atmospheric carbon below 350ppm, what would we do then? Is there planning going on for the future of coastal communities? And where is that discussion being had?
  • If other planets in our solar system are known to have been heating up, could the sun itself be a major cause of global warming on Earth?
  • What incentive would someone have for explicitly discouraging IPCC researchers from mentioning the role of the sun in warming the Earth?
  • Some say we are in a “Pause” on global warming. Some say it’s heating more than ever. How do we determine which is true?
  • If CO2 is the cause of global warming, what is to be made of the evidence that temperature changes lead, rather than follow, changes in CO2?
  • Have temperature fluctuations happened before? Did they happen before humans were using fossil fuels? Specifically, what is the history of the Medieval Warming Period and why is it such a taboo subject?
  • What is the role of geo-engineering in climate change?
  • What is the role of weather manipulation in commodities futures trading?
  • Are there unspoken financial incentives for some people from both sides of the issue to promote their perspective?

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Suggest and vote on others’ questions in the comments below so that we can be as responsive to your considerations as possible. We are eager to interact with you and to benefit from the questions and insights you bring to the table.

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