The 12 Sectors

We have identified 12 Sectors that cover all areas of human activity, and they are all interconnected. By identifying key problems in each of these Sectors and coming up with solutions that will be good for all of them, we can begin to create a thriving world.

Your Sector Navigator tool (at the bottom of each page) is designed to help you look into any of these key areas with increased awareness of both their impact and their interrelatedness. The center of the Navigator is “Worldview” because how we see the world – what we believe to be true - determines how we experience everything that happens within and around us.

Within each Sector you can explore Critical Issues, Vital Data, Navigating Insights, Solutions Strategies, Success Stories, Everyday Actions, and more.  Check out your particular areas of interest. Expand out to explore new ones and see how they are all part of a seamless, whole system.

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