Supporting Emotional Well-being

By Foster Gamble

Emotion is a key aspect of the life force – that which “motivates us.” Our feelings can seem wild and dangerous - sometimes overwhelming. But like whitewater rapids in a river, they can be navigated successfully if it is done with humility, understanding and skill.

"We must be careful not to make intellect our God - it has powerful muscles but no personality." 

- Albert Einstein

Treated with respect, our emotions can fuel our activism with passion and commitment. Treated carelessly, they can de-rail our alignment with purpose and disrupt our well-being and our partnerships. Emotions follow natural principles like anything else, so when we become aware of predictable energy dynamics in the realm of feelings, we can blend with them and lead them to balance and higher energy states.

Here is a video that lays a groundwork for the understanding that emerged for me from my own personal quest and from teaching Interaction Dynamics to thousands of people.


Perhaps now that the Western Sciences have reached down into the atom and out into the cosmos finally to realize the extreme vulnerability of all life and value, it is becoming credible, even obvious, that the Inner Science is of Supreme importance. Certainly physics designed the bombs, biology the germ warfare, chemistry the nerve gas and so on, but it will be the unhealthy emotions of individuals, the fear, the hate, the jealousy of individuals that will trigger these horrors. These emotions can only be controlled, reshaped, rechanneled, by successful Inner Science.
      - His Holiness Tenzin Gyatso, the Dalai Lama of Tibet


Relating harmoniously with our feelings is a key part of resolving conflict and building trust – within ourselves and with others. Any partnership or organization is going to face the challenges of breakdowns in communication. The next section expands our skill base beyond our emotions to explore how to listen, speak and take action with effectiveness and joy.