Support Your Local Farmers

By supporting local organic farmers you can:

  • reduce the use of fossil fuels
  • get to know your local growers
  • enhance local food systems
  • build strong local economies
  • enjoy fresh, healthy food

Join a CSA

Get your food in a box on a weekly basis from local farmers.  You usually get an assortment of veggies, fruit, eggs, dairy, and bread that are constantly changing with the seasons. Plus you get to meet the growers and other people in your community. 

            Find a CSA near you.

            View more listings of CSA’s throughout the U.S.     

Consider sponsoring someone who can’t afford it to receive CSA harvests. Is there a link for this or should it say “Ask your local CSA provider how they can make this happen”


Shop at Your Local Farmers Market

Farmers markets often sell food from small, local, organic farms and are fun, lively events. Find a farmers market near you.

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Buy Local and Organic as Much as Possible

Some grocery stores sell produce from local farmers, however, because it’s often cheaper and easier to go through big distributors who are subsidized by the government, our food is often shipped from hundreds and sometimes thousands of miles away even when the same products are being grown right down the road.  To show your support for local farms, buy local and organic as much as possible and voice your concern to managers at stores when options are limited.

Get the Center for Food Safety’s Non-GMO Shopping guide. You can download a hard-copy of the guide on their website or get the Free Mobile App.