Start or Join a Community Garden

You can make a difference in your own backyard or in a communal garden space.

Photo by tcd123usa.
Watson, Claire
Community Gardens are a great way to:

  • Establish connections with fellow community members
  • Get outdoors
  • Participate in sustainable food systems
  • Decrease your environmental impact and your food costs
  • Improve neighborhoods
  • Be a part of something fun

Some have estimated that it takes an average of over 1000 miles for your food to travel from farm to plate.[1]  One way to challenge this extremely inefficient food system is to grow your own food.  If you’re unable to grow food in your own yard, community gardens are a great alternative that usually operate with members adopting and maintaining their own personal plots or working with others in a communal space.


Start a Community Garden

The American Community Garden Association provides a detailed tool-kit for anyone who wants to start a community garden.


Find a Community Garden in Your Area

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[1] "Food, Fuel, and Freeways," Leopold Center for Sustainable Agriculture, 2001.