Solutions / Solutions Strategies

The solution strategies presented here are based on years of consulting with historians, visionaries, and experts in all of the 12 Sectors. They offer promising possibilities for creating a world in which nobody’s rights are violated and every person has the opportunity to thrive.

Because such profound change cannot happen all at once, there are three overlapping stages of the solutions process: Stage One: Bringing integrity and healing to our current condition; Stage Two: limiting government control to the protection of individual rights and the commons; and Stage Three:  living solely by voluntary cooperation – rules, but no rulers.

This three-staged approach is a radical shift from most strategies. Rather than trying to improve the status quo, it integrates traditional progressive, conservative, and libertarian viewpoints, reconciling divisions that have long kept us separated.

You can check out some of our ideas in the areas that most interest you. Please join in the discussion, and let us know what you think.

Art plays a critical role in conveying the depths of human experience and often serves as a communication outlet for oppressed people to express their realities when it may not be safe to convey in words.
Our research indicates that our economic system serves as a tool for consolidating power into the same few people's hands. Centralized banking, fractional reserve and a hidden public private partnership between the bankers, government and corporations keep this disparity in place. There are strategic and practical actions we can take to obsolete the current system and create economies that serve the needs of all people.
American education is failing. Corporations fund University research and therefore influence curriculum, while state elementary and high schools promote obedience above critical thinking. We promote creating independent schools that meet the needs of individual learning styles and passions, and which inspire the thinking, discipline and creativity we need to crate real solutions to our many problems.
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Environmental restoration and eco management require coordinated efforts that include economic, justice and infrastructure considerations. THRIVE's whole systems analysis offers an approach that makes this possible.
Until there is campaign finance reform, governments cannot be held accountable by the citizens who elect them. Currently legislation is determined by corporate lobbying. Between that and earmarks, we have a corrupt and unresponsive government. We can change this.
Our health care system is based on a model that profits from sickness. Pharmaceutical companies control the funding of the AMA and the FDA and are often run by the same people who preside over these research and regulating bodies. This intrinsic conflict of interest results in sicker people and a limit on cures that can't be patented. To find out how to create a holistic health care system that rewards doctors for the health and healing of their patients...
Throughout the world people lack access to clean water, electricity, sanitary waste disposal, and good transportation systems. Fortunately, modern technology and infrastructural development has the ability to meet the needs of everyone. It will require a shift from a fossil-fuel based economy to one of renewable energy and a transition from a
Our current justice system is largely influenced by a for-profit prison industrial complex that benefits from crime and is based on retribution rather than restoration. It doesn't have to be this way. To find out about using the law to protect individual rights and the commons we all share...
As owners of the public airwaves, American citizens have the opportunity to make the media accurately reflect their needs. THRIVE has a 3-staged approach to solutions that you can learn more about it in the Solutions section.
What is possible for humanity is often prescribed by scientific perception. Is it possible for technology to mimic nature's own evolutionary design and produce technology that transcends current scientific thinking? We believe that it is not only possible, but that it has been done. To find out about this and other cutting edge scientific research...