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Would you take part in a social change action if





others joined you? With Critical Mass Actions you can do exactly that. These actions only happen when a “critical mass” of people have agreed to participate.

  • Increase Participation
  • Mobilize the Masses
  • Assure Meaningful Impact
What Critical Mass Actions are taking place?

This, to a great extent, is up to you. Following are a list of actions we believe are most essential, and below is the place for you to suggest others. We will be partnering with other organizations to help mobilize what is necessary to achieve an effective critical mass action when the issues you value most become evident. Actions will be organized with integrity, transparency, and always designed to be non-violent.

Do I have to travel to be part of a Critical Mass Action?

Critical Mass Actions can take a variety of forms. We can organize on-line campaigns that mobilize millions of people across the world to participate in an economic boycott. We can show up in unison for a demonstration. We will help to provide the means to achieve this and you determine which actions take place and add the power to make them effective. 

How did you choose these actions?

The following recommended actions are based on years of research by Foster and Kimberly Gamble, the THRIVE team and various strategic advisors, and are explored more in the movie, THRIVE, and on this website. They are key leveraged events to help bring about what we consider to be essential solutions. By rallying a critical mass of people, we can impact the economics of an issue and attract the attention of the media to get the coverage and response these issues deserve.

How do you know when an action reaches critical mass?

As actions gain momentum and the most popular ones become apparent we will set a target number for “critical mass.” We will keep in touch via email to make sure you know when we’re approaching critical mass. What determines an effective “critical mass” will vary according to the nature of the action to be taken. The critical mass number will be announced as far in advance as possible and will be determined by what would create significant impact and assure optimal security for participants.

Has this been done before?

Yes. A similar strategy was used in Malicounda Bambara, Senegal for young women who wanted to stop the traditional practice of female genital cutting. If just one woman refused the practice she was ostracized from the community. But as soon as the women got organized and agreed to refuse genital cutting as entire villages, they put an end to it. The campaign spread successfully throughout Senegal, Guinea, Burkina Faso, and other areas of Africa and now thousands of women are able to safely avoid this violation.


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Audit the Federal Reserve

Addressing the corruption of the Federal Reserve is one of our top priorities. The Federal Reserve is a secretive, privately-run bank. It has a monopoly on creating money and it has been robbing the American people through inflation, bailouts, favoring special interests and charging interest on money created out of thin air. Since the Federal Reserve was created in 1913, the purchasing power of the dollar has plummeted by 96%.

A meaningful audit of the Fed will likely require multiple simultaneous actions in order to be successful. Campaign finance reform is an important piece. Congress will only change the laws and conduct an audit when politicians are held accountable to their constituents, rather than to corporate and banking interests. Public Campaign is currently working on campaign finance reform.

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Nation-wide Rally to End the Federal Reserve

It may be that American people will need an audit before they are ready to end the Federal Reserve. Either way, we ultimately want to see it shut down and it will require a variety of actions. THRIVE is promoting a national protest at Regional Federal Reserve banks around the country to gain awareness for the movement. The regional Federal Reserve banks are located in San Francisco, Kansas City, Dallas, Minneapolis, Chicago, St. Louis, Atlanta, Cleveland, Richmond, Washington D.C., Philadelphia, New York, and Boston. 

We’ll also need: alternative currencies to challenge the Federal Reserve’s monopoly on creating money, campaign finance reform at the state and Federal level, more media coverage, think tanks to brainstorm the transition away from the Federal Reserve, and more. Contact us if you would like to partner in organizing and implementing critical mass actions to end the Federal Reserve.

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Create a GMO Free Zone

Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) are poisoning our food supply, our bodies and even diminishing our fertility.  GMOs are threatening our ability to save our own seeds and grow healthy, organic food. To learn more about GMOs, click here.

This involves taking action with a critical mass of people in your city, county or region to create a GMO-Free Zone. Pair up with others and start a domino effect to sweep the nation and get rid of GMOs all together. If you are interested in this action, please fill out the “location” field when entering your personal info so we can see where this is generating the most interest.
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Mass Protest at USDA and FDA to Label and Ultimately Ban GMO Products

The USDA and the FDA are supposed to be protecting and promoting our health, but they are doing neither. The USDA is actually a co-owner in major GMO patents. These government agencies should require labeling of GMOs as a first step to raising awareness about their dangers. We have a right to know what’s in our food. USDA headquarters are in Washington D.C. and FDA headquarters are in Silver Spring, Maryland, so these protests would require travel for most people.

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Mass Protest at Monsanto Headquarters With Call to Boycott Monsanto Products

Monsanto is a multinational agriculture biotechnology corporation that is the main producer of genetically engineered seeds and the herbicide Roundup.  The company has waged vicious campaigns to shut down small organic growers and make farmers around the world dependent on their seeds. Monsanto’s policies threaten our own existence. Monsanto’s main headquarters are in St. Louis, Missouri but there are multiple locations in the US and throughout the world, so this action could potentially be nationwide or global, depending on levels and locations of interest. 

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Promote the Development, Protection and Dissemination of New Energy Technologies

New Energy offers the potential to free us from our dependence on oil, and to power our homes, businesses, cars and more with a universally abundant and clean energy source, sometimes referred to as “free” energy. To learn more about New Energy, click here.

You do not need to commit any funds until we solidify a funding strategy, but if you’re interested please let us know by signing up here and we’ll email you more information when thousands of others are ready to fund a New Energy solution.

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Fund a New Energy Demonstration/Expo

One of the main problems with New Energy is the lack of public awareness  and exposure. We could fund a Free Energy Demonstration and meaningful press coverage to allow people to see the devices for themselves. Again, you do not need to commit any funds until we figure out a funding strategy, but if you’re interested please let us know by signing up here and we’ll be in touch via email.

We also recognize that many legitimate New Energy inventors have not participated in past demonstrations/expos due to security concerns and suppression. Our intention here is to simply see if there's enough interest to fund a legitimate conference and partner with New Energy Inventors if and when it is safe and viable to do so.

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Expose Chemtrails With a Mass Protest at NOAA Offices

Planes are spraying toxic chemicals throughout the atmosphere, aka “Chemtrails”, causing air, soil and human contamination. To find out more about Chemtrails, click here. This action would likely take place at the main headquarters for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) in Silver Spring, MD.

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Expose Chemtrails With a Day of Action at Various International News Outlets
People could bring footage of chemtrails, signs, pictures and urge the news to cover chemtrails and the local weather reporter to highlight the phenomenon.
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Shut Down Nuclear Power Plants Around the U.S. and the World

The U.S. government protects nuclear power plants so taxpayers are ultimately responsible for the consequences of any accidents — both financially and with their lives. There are safer alternatives.

Germany plans to shut down all nuclear plants by 2022. Other countries can do the same. In the US, it will likely require simultaneous action for campaign finance reform so candidates and elected officials respond to our demands rather than special interests, and pass legislation for no more nuclear power. To work on campaign finance reform, go to Public Campaign’s website.

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Protect Internet Freedom

If you’re interested in an Internet freedom Critical Mass Action, please tell us your ideas by clicking the "Sign Up" button and filling out the comments field.

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Stop and Prevent the Poisoning of Indigenous Communities
In the US, indigenous lands are being exploited and targeted by big business for resource extraction, nuclear dumping, and more. There are proposals for  coal, oil, gold and copper mines, coal bed methane, natural gas "fracking," and nuclear storage that threaten these communities and the environment.  This is a chance to stand up for Native American rights and show that we are committed not just to apologizing for past wrongs, but ending the violations that continue to this day.