What on Earth does it take to thrive?

We are at a critical turning point in human history. The path we are on is leading toward a global police state. We must change direction, but how? What are the guiding principles that would lead to freedom from war, hunger, and domination? How do we work toward a world where no one is violated or coerced in any way? These are the kind of questions you can explore in this solutions section.

This also is the place to discover what you can do to bring about change. You can check out inspirational success stories, find suggestions for quick, effective everyday actions, study strategies for transformations at the national and global level, and get involved in Critical Mass Actions that will make a difference. 

If each of us uses our unique gifts, and we collaborate with others, we can create the world we want to live in. We already have what it takes to thrive. Now is the time.

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In this video blog Foster announces the launch of our new online Solutions Hub which is designed to connect people around the world, empower local community actions, and enable sharing of best practices and resources.
The THRIVE Filmmakers, Foster and Kimberly Gamble, were at The Performance Space in Santa Fe, New Mexico on April 19th, 2012 to talk about THRIVE solutions with the community and give an update on the THRIVE Movement. The room was packed and the event was LIVE streamed to people all around the world. For all of you who couldn't make it in person to the event, you can now watch this video to get the latest updates. Enjoy!
How can we move beyond the left/right polarity in politics? Why stop at majority rules instead of a system that includes liberty for everyone? This latest blog post highlights Foster's trip to Olympia, Washington for the Occupy Solidarity Social Forum and some key principles that emerged to transcend the current divisive system.
Our vision at Veterans to Farmers is to build sustainable growing communities while at the same time training our service men and women in a new, rewarding, and wholesome way.
Help ensure the safety of food for California families and children. Let's get labeling of genetically modified foods on the Ballot for 2012.
In 2009 Gregory Landua started a chocolate business with the intention of connecting cacao growers practicing sustainable agriculture with chocolate lovers in North America.
At 21, surfer Kyle Thiermann has documented the transfer of over $340 million dollars’ worth of lending power from Bank of America and other coal-funding banks to local banks.

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