Julie Bass and Thousands of Supporters Get Oak Park to Drop Charges for Growing a Vegetable Garden

In the summer of 2011, Julie Bass of Oak Park, Michigan faced a misdemeanor charge and 93 days in prison for growing a vegetable garden in her own front yard. The city claimed she was violating a local ordinance for growing “suitable plant material” in her front yard. The news went viral and gained national media attention. Over 29,000 people “liked” the “Oak Park Hates Veggies” Facebook Page and Julie Bass refused to remove her garden. With all the negative publicity and backlash, Oak Park finally dropped the charges. This represents a victory for people standing up for their rights and using the media to spread the word and protect the simplest of liberties, such as growing your own food.

Julie Bass of Oak Park Faces Misdemeanor Charge for Vegetable Garden:

Oak Park Drops Charges: