Introducing Miranda Macpherson

Mon, 19 Dec 2016 01:00:00 PST

By Foster Gamble

One of the benefits of Thrive’s collaboration with the Rythmia Life Advancement Center in Costa Rica is that we are welcomed to invite influential world changers and consciousness raisers to come and lead workshops there. We will, from time to time, be informing you about the luminaries who are accepting our invitation so that you at least know of them and can begin to access their work, and ideally be able to join with some of them at the Rythmia wellness retreat. In coming months we will be featuring the workshops of people like Nassim Haramein, Dr. Joseph Mercola, Erin Elizabeth, Gregg Braden, John Gray, Barbara Marx Hubbard and others.

In this update I want to provide an introduction, for those who don’t know of her already, to a truly delightful and profound young woman named Miranda Macpherson, author of Boundless Love (paid link). She is a spiritual teacher and inner guide with a level of hard-won clarity and insight like that of Gangaji, Adyashanti and Eckart Tolle.

Watch and listen to Miranda talking directly to you in several short videos on her home page.

Miranda’s own challenging personal path has taken her to vistas of spiritual confidence that illuminate her gift of guiding those who are ready to “break out of the cages of unnecessary suffering…and taste what’s at the depth of your true self.” Her presence and expert guidance assist people in finding their inner authenticity and personal power that transcends, and informs, their daily actions and operating personality.

I was introduced to her by two different members of the production team for our THRIVE film. One of the most eloquent men I have ever met and a script advisor for THRIVE, is our friend Neal Rogin. Besides his hobby of hilarious wisdom comedy, he has been a writer and filmmaker for such organizations as Landmark Education and the Pachamama Alliance. Here’s what Neal has to say about Miranda:

Meeting Miranda Macpherson was one of the single most life altering encounters of my lifelong spiritual journey. In her loving presence, and by following her simple yet profound practices, I have reached levels of awareness and depths of realization I never dreamed possible. I have come to know my deepest Self, directly, beyond ego, beyond concepts and deeper than mind and have experienced deep peace, profound joy, universal compassion and boundless love not as mere ideas, but as my own direct, unshakable subjective reality. I now know that I am and always have been that which I have been seeking my entire life. There is only one word that for me adequately describes the gift of Miranda and her work — GRACE.

Gary Malkin is the extraordinary composer that we chose for the daunting task of creating an original score for the THRIVE documentary. He’s an Emmy award winning artist who ended up being acknowledged for his THRIVE sound track (over 10 other dramatic studio feature films) with the top honors in Hollywood’s Music in Media awards ceremony.

Gary will be bringing his profound and touching music to accompany Miranda’s in-depth spiritual explorations at Rythmia. Here’s what Gary has to say about Miranda:

In an ocean of spiritual guides all over the planet, rarely do you find a jewel that emanates the likes of Miranda’s integrity, depth, and impact. Rooted in the world’s wisdom traditions, yet contemporary and fluid in her approach to assist awakening to the One during these highly complex and constantly challenging times, Miranda is the epitome of what we most need in post modern spiritual guide: Kick-ass honesty, no nonsense mirroring, and rock star tenderness. Whether you access her teachings through her moving meditations, satsangs, retreats, or virtual courses, Miranda will leave an indelible impression that will have your friends wondering how you became so present, compassionate and mindful so quickly. You can let them know that you can attribute it to the work you’ve elected to do, with a spiritual “friend” who knows that her only job description is to remind us that we already have everything we need within us to live a fulfilling, connected and rewarding life. And she does it with such simplicity and ease!

Here is a short video where Miranda talks about the exploration on which she guides participants in her workshop:

In this longer interview, Miranda describes major challenges from her youth that helped catalyze her path of inner discovery:

Whether you can join her and Gary at Rythmia or not, you can easily immerse in Miranda’s book, Boundless Love: Transforming Your Life with Grace and Inspiration (paid link), videos or CD and you can dive into Gary’s transformational music.

Also note the upcoming workshop with our dear friend and THRIVE interviewee, Barbara Marx Hubbard.

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