Support Intro and Overview

Letter from Foster Gamble


Dear THRIVE Viewer,

Thanks for experiencing the THRIVE journey.

I know that for all the beauty and amazing people in the film, there are also extreme conceptual and emotional challenges in what my research unveils. I know that because I am still going through them myself... and I see what it is like for my friends and family as they get exposed to the information.

I want you to know first and foremost that everyone responds somewhat differently and that successful integration begins with allowing yourself to be exactly who you are…and to feel whatever you are going through.

Some want to be alone with it at first. Others want to immediately talk it through with  trusted friends. You might be inspired, while your friend is in despair. And tomorrow your roles might be reversed. In the same way they suggest on the airplane to put on your own oxygen mask first in case of emergency, I recommend focusing on your own well being while looking to integrate and act on your expanded perspectives.

I have found that:

To thrive is to align with the torus at every level. 

But what does that mean?

The levels of challenge are not endless. I want to identify the ones I have found are the key minimum sufficient ones in my life that call for serious practice to develop the skill required to thrive.

1) The most obvious is to be living in a healthy and supportive body. This means to learn to relax, to eat well and to keep fit. There are countless alternative ways to do this that include exercise, sports, martial arts, yoga, dance, hiking etc.

2) The next is to learn to clear and align our emotional body. When we relax our physical body, it allows suppressed emotions to begin to emerge so we can experience them in a way that restores a clear and flexible flow of feeling. This is addressed in the “Cycle of Emotions” video (link) and exploration with a skilled practitioner is recommended. 

3) A still subtler level is for each of us to learn to align with the natural flow of our mind. This involves clarifying the distinction between our intellect and our intuition – the rational figuring it out and the innate inner guidance sensing, knowing. It takes us into territories like meditation, relaxed intention, noticing distracting and untrue thoughts and letting them go, thinking critically and affirming our desired future. There are abundant excellent teachers in each of these areas.

In my experience the more skillful we get at aligning physically, emotionally and mentally with the natural (toroidal) flow, the more our inner essence, our spirit can flourish.

As we realize that we belong and that we are each unique and tapped into limitless power, the question naturally arises, “So what to do with all that energy coursing through me?”

I believe that each of us, like every other form of life, is an expression of purpose. As we discover and align with our natural purpose (which, like every other enduring dynamic, is toroidal in nature) we experience increased love, energy and fulfillment. To watch a clip on the “torus of purpose”, click here.

And along the way in fulfilling your purpose, the health of our systems require us to gain mastery in:

Balancing the personal, social and work areas of our lives. This THRIVE on-line guide can help you build this skill.

As we look to join our actions with others, we inevitably run into disagreements and conflicts, even within ourselves - as we relate to our own feelings and thoughts. This THRIVE course looks to provide the key distinctions and communications skills that can empower us with nurturing and effective relationships.

I know for me, I am much more impactful and make better decisions when I am connecting with and working in collaboration with other individuals and organizations. Check out the THRIVE RESOURCE TREE  to find connections in the areas of your focused interests and activism.

In addition, I have found certain key OPERATING PRINCIPLES for being effective while thriving:

  • making sure my goals are aligned with my purpose
  • that I interact with integrity
  •  that I produce results through clear requests, promises and agreements.
  •  I am committed to Non-aggression,
  •  I look to become ever more skillful at forgiveness – starting with myself.
  •    I recognize authentic acknowledgment as part of the lifeblood of relations and teamwork.
  •   And I try to make a point of celebrating completed goals, the love we share and the gift of life     itself.

Learning to quiet the noise in my mind and to amplify the signal of my Inner Guidance helps allow my thinking, speaking and acting to operate as one.

This is the dynamic of wholeness, of love, of thriving.