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Sat, 25 Apr 2015 08:00:00 PDT

One of my favorite things is to listen to people who disagree discuss hot topics respectfully. It makes me think for myself. But it’s harder to come by than you might imagine. Not that there is any shortage of hot topics.

What’s challenging is finding passionate, informed people who are willing and able to join in sincere, open-minded dialogue with those who have a different opinion. More common is finding a group lambasting those with whom they disagree, or engaging in a way that is not respectful. So it was a breath of fresh air and inspiration for me to tune in to the diverse panel that Sacha Stone put together to discuss what’s happening with global surveillance, global finance, and more.

Is Washington still calling the shots or turning into a lame-duck in the world of global finance? How does public school biometric data collection impact people’s right to protest anonymously? I just loved hearing an inside whistle-blower from the Reagan Administration, Paul Craig Roberts, join Noam Chomsky, a self-proclaimed “socialist/anarchist” pundit from MIT, along with Max Igan, an Australian conspiracy analyst, Pippa King, child-privacy advocate, Gerald Celente, an internationally-acclaimed futurist known for predicting the fall of the Soviet Union and the 2008 economic collapse, and Foster all share their different perspectives with regard, and appreciation.

This is the kind of dialogue that can inspire your own critical thinking. Whether you take it all in at once, or spread out over several listenings, I encourage you to tune in and experience the exhilaration of what it feels like to be a part of a true discovery process.

— Kimberly

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