Exploring Your Purpose

By Foster Gamble

In my experience, it saves vast amounts of time and energy to clarify one’s purpose in life, especially as we ask ourselves “What Can I Do?” in the face of our dire predicament as a species on Planet Earth right now.

Many people wonder if there is any purpose at all to life.

Arthur Young was the one who pointed out to me that there is nothing in life which exists except as a function of purpose!

            The universe is a process put in motion by purpose.

                                                Arthur Young

                                                1st postulate of the Theory of Process 

Every chair, every machine, every toy was designed and built to fulfill some purpose.

Every living thing as well is shaped and functions to fulfill the drive that motivates its existence.

It became apparent to me in my quest that even purpose itself is a toroidal dynamic.

Here is a video exploring the dynamics of what I call the “torus of purpose.”