What’s Really Going on in Ukraine?

Sat, 15 Mar 2014 08:00:00 PDT

How do oil pipelines, the IMF and the Western banking cabal all meet in Ukraine?

To unpack any international event requires an ever-expanding awareness of the history, economics, resource and trade dynamics of the countries involved. Knowing where to look for clues helps reveal the similarities in seemingly unrelated events. The lens that THRIVE offers can be helpful in understanding the history of the global banking system, which is relevant no matter what country or issue you are trying to unravel.

In the case of Ukraine, Kimberly and I were recently in an informal Q&A where someone asked our perspective. The following short video is a first-level overview of some of the issues we think are operative. It is neither in-depth nor comprehensive, but it does include broken promises, the petrodollar, pipelines, the IMF and the Western banking cabal. The BRICS countries (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) have been collaborating in forming their own international bank, an alternative non-NSA infected Internet and their own alternative financial rating agency — that relies on asset-backed valuation. These are key to further understanding, and we will be addressing them in future blogs.

For now, we offer this spontaneous, short video with hopes that it is helpful for your own critical thinking about this momentous and precarious global dynamic.

I believe that our awareness and vocal demand that there be no aggression can have significant influence, as has been demonstrated with Iran and Syria in recent months.

What if the people of the region of Ukraine were forgiven their predatory fiat debts and then actually left alone — free of “super-power” bullying and grabbing?

Please add your comments so that we can all better understand what’s going on in order to be most effective in our actions for peace.


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Audio Transcription

Foster: Just to share some of my reflections, it’s the same scene being enacted again. Is this starting to get old, this story? Every month or so, there’s a new country that just happens to be having these civil disturbances and the IMF just happens to be offering them a big loan which will completely take over that country and their resources will then belong to the world bank or to the U.S. or U.K. or whatever. You know the scenario because I wouldn’t have enough fingers to lay out just in the last few years all the countries that this has happened to. But, as I’m trying to make sense of it now, the U.S. is pretending that it’s not invading and blaming Russia for doing that. Meanwhile, if you listen to Kerry and Obama, it’s very belligerent, macho talk: “If you do this, you’re going to regret it” and “We’re not taking anything off the table” and all that kind of stuff. So, why are we even dealing with a country or an area (I don’t like thinking in terms of countries a whole lot), but that area, those people, why are we even dealing with that?

It turns out that if you look at a map of Ukraine, a tremendous amount of their border borders Russia and Russia is a real concern for NATO and so you’ve already got missiles in Poland (that took them a decade, but they’re there) and the Russians hate it. Now, if they can basically take over control…and they probably won’t send troops in there, they’re going to do this financially…World War III has been going on for quite a while, it’s just financial. It’s too obvious if you just start going in and blowing stuff up in many cases. For instance, with Iraq, we wanted their oil. Even more, we wanted their Central Bank. We wanted them not to be selling oil for gold because that would undermine the Petro Dollar and start the U.S. on the collision course toward being a third world country, which is accelerating very rapidly now. So, I think the main interest of the U.S is to go in and economically take over that country so that then they’ll have the ability to keep Russia from doing it and also to threaten Russia more.

So, why would Russia care about it? Russia made a deal with Ukraine during the collapse of the Soviet Union that if Ukraine would get rid of its nuclear weapons, then Russia would promise never to bring soldiers across the border without being invited. It’s a beautiful story. Ukraine destroyed all of their nuclear weapons and then they filled in all of the silos and ceremonially planted flowers on top of them. Now, the Russian troops are moving in.

It’s becoming more and more obvious to the world (and the U.S. was just voted the most feared entity in the world, like 76% and the next closest was 21% or something like that, so people are catching on). Basically what it takes not to be invaded by the U.S. is nuclear weapons. So, of course, they don’t want Iran to get them, but it’s the only thing that can protect you from predators like the U.S. right now, is to have nuclear weapons. (At least the only thing on the obvious level.)

So why is Russia so interested in Ukraine again? Ukraine has tremendous oil resources and gold and all sorts of other things and three of the four major pipelines from Russia going to Eatern Europe run right through Ukraine. If Russia were to lose control of those pipelines, or worse still, if Ukraine was really free to develop their oil fields, then it would be more convenient for Europe to buy from them. That’s a huge percentage of the Russian GDP, selling their oil to Europe.

There’s all of those international intrigues going on with resources, money, and all that stuff and then, I don’t know if any of you follow Jon Rappoport, but he just wrote a great blog today on this whole thing, stepping back and looking to see that it’s Problem/Reaction/Solution again. You create some sort of problem: the CIA has been paying a lot of the demonstrators over there, now they’ve found out they’ve got these snipers that were assassinating protestors from both sides it turned out were also being paid for basically by the cabal, and that’s where I’m going with this now…With the Problem/Reaction/Solution, usually the countries end up coming to some sort of agreement after millions of people have been killed or whatever, but it’s always to the benefit of the banking cabal. They end up getting more countries, more economies, more military, more tax bases under their control. At the next higher level, that’s what this one is about.

I have strong hopes that because so many people are aware now (the Internet is getting information around so fast) that I think the invasion of Iran has been at least prevented to this point by us, by people like us all over the world who are spreading the information about potential false flags with Iran. And then the whole Syrian thing…when the U.S. population and the U.K. parliament stood up and said, “No, you don’t get to run that one again”, that was a huge thing. I’m hoping something like that is going to happen here and in the process, more is going to get exposed about the technique of Problem/Reaction/Solution and about how behind this is the whole western banking cabal.

Kimberly: One of the things in looking at Ukraine and what’s going on that I’ll say is that when I see something like this happen I know to look both at the resources (What resources do they have?) and also, what’s their relationship to the dollar? (Is anybody trading in their dollar, that they’re thinking about changing?). Those are the two clues right off the bat. Look for that. Listen. You can tell from the mainstream news what they want you to think, which will give you a clue also because usually it’s like look over here because it’s happening over there, but that’s still a clue. I do those three things right off the bat: listen to what they want me to think, look at the resources, and look at the relationship to the dollar because this Petro Dollar thing is huge and getting the resources is really a big part of it also.

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