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The Shocking, Graphic Data That Shows Exactly What Motivates the Occupy Movement


Chart from Wikimedia Commons.

Military Spending

Chart from Wikipedia.

U.S. Wealth Gap

Chart from Business Insider.

U.S. Unemployment, 2000-2011

Foreign Holdings of U.S. Treasury Debt, 2005-2010

Chart from Wikipedia . Data from Dept. of the Treasury and Federal Reserve Board.

Estimated Ownership of U.S. National Debt, 1997-2008

Estimated ownership of all US treasury securities (national debt) since 1997. The data was obtained from the US Treasury. Chart by Analoguni, via Wikimedia Commons.

U.S. Household Debt vs. Personal Savings, 1982-2007

Chart from Data: National Income and Product Accounts, U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis.

Personal Debt, 1966-2006

Chart from Global Policy Forum. Created by Marianna Quenemoen. Updated by Federica Milo, July 2006.

Purchasing Power of the Dollar, 1900-2005

Source: Bud Wood.




Ecosystem Decline

World Wind Power, 1997-2008

Data Source: Global Wind Energy Council.

Renewable Energy

Recycling Rates

Source: Environmental Protection Agency


Danger: US Debt, 1940-2010

As described on Wikipedia:

Danger: Growth in Number of Lobbyists and Lobby Spending, 1998-2010

Chart from Wikimedia Commons. Data obtained from

Danger: The Cost of Winning a US Senate Election, 1986-2010

Danger: US Individual Income Tax, 1940-2010



Prescription Drug Use in US, 1999-2008


Health Care Cost Rise, 1970-2007

U.S. Drug Sales, in Billions


Opportunity: Increase in Solar Production

Source: Wikipedia

Opportunity: Increase in Wind Production

Wind energy production has gone up significantly in recent years. From 1995-2000 worldwide production increased fourfold. Source:

Danger: Increase in Highway Travel

More highway travel increases our reliance on oil. Source:

Danger: Nuclear Power on the Rise

Source: Wikipedia


American Prisoners By Population

US Military Presence Worldwide

Map by Mother Jones

Capital Punishment World Map

Source: Wikipedia

Prisoners per Population

Image from Wikimedia Commons by November Coalition.


U.S. Media Ownership Low Among People of Color

According to Free Speech, as of 2007, people of color make up 34% of the U.S. population but own only 3.3% of broadcast TV stations and 7.7% of full power radio stations

Media Consolidation

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Worldview Vital - Cultural Creatives

Researcher Paul Ray

Global Domination Agenda

Danger: FEMA Detainment Camps

In the US, FEMA detainment camps have been recently constructed or refurbished for use in what officials call "times of pandemic or civil unrest."

Incarcerated Americans

Surveillance Cameras on the Rise

In 2010, there were an estimated 30 million surveillance cameras recording in the US. (Source: Popular Mechanics)

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