A Vision of True Accountability

Sat, 21 Mar 2015 08:00:00 PDT

Please join us for a guided meditation on living free in an unfree world. Kimberly shared this guided journey —

A Vision of True Accountability — Beginning with Ourselves

at the end of our recent ThriveTogether live event, “Knowledge is Power.” May it help ignite and nurture a balanced blend of inner and outer clarity.

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Goa Lobaugh and his liquidbuddha.studios created this animation for Ramaji and Helen Shemaya and their Awakening Project. We give thanks for their permission to use it here.

Audio Transcription

A Vision of True Accountability, beginning with ourselves, to help ignite and nurture a balanced blend of inner and outer clarity.

Imagine, we truly know ourselves; we each attune to our unique purpose, and from that knowing we have complete surety that no one has the right to coerce us so long as we are doing no harm.

Imagine that we know as an unwavering truth that our intentional life on this planet is as meaningful as every other person’s. When someone, out of ignorance, habit or aggression, attempts to impose their falsely-claimed power over us, we greet them with steadfast clarity and courage, letting them know that they are mistaken as to who we are, and who they are in relation to us. Recognizing that this acknowledgement of our glorious, powerful, sovereign selves takes unlearning, practice, and courage, we deliberately create networks of support, a buddy system we can turn to for strength and comfort, vigilantly reminding us why it is so important that we do not violate this knowing of ourselves. Imagine we bring this inner clarity and network of aligned people to every place that someone’s imposition of power over us is visible.

Imagine that instead of asking for permission to drink clean water, eat healthy food, breathe clean air, and nurture harmonious relations with all species of all life, we each find the one part of this inevitable transformation that is ours to fulfill and we commit to it — Like we commit to protecting a baby from an approaching dangerous predator, with instinctual knowing that it is simply the right thing to do.

Imagine we call upon this same fierce knowing to protect our own fragile planet, and take this temporary opportunity that is our life to fulfill what we have come here to do.

Imagine we tap into this clarity when Monsanto raises its many-tentacled head and claims the right to poison our food, or our Utility Co claims the right to install a harmful surveillance device in our homes.

Imagine we respond with absolute confidence that they must be mistaken, like a cosmic wrong number, when they call expecting us to be willing recipients of their misguided plan, we respond saying, “Oh you must have the wrong number. In fact, I’m sure that number no longer exists. I don’t recognize the authority you seem to think you have over me, and, in fact, I’m certain that you’re mistaken about the very concept.

“Here’s a number you can call to get some help to understand the way we operate here. It’s the Sovereignty Hotline, with counselors equipped to help you find the rightful role for you to play in the transformation of the world that is now unfolding.

“They will guide you as you help to heal that which you have harmed, and join with the rest of us as we continue to unlearn our misconceptions and blossom into the creative, healthy, innovative, ingenious divine beings that we came here to be.”



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