Become an Ambassador for ET Contact

Steven Greer, founder of the Center for the Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence (CSETI), is offering an “ambassador” training program in meditations and other techniques to summon ETs and prepare one’s consciousness for ET contact and communication. People who have gone through the training have had remarkable results.

The program is called the CE-5 Initiative, which stands for Close Encounters of the 5th Kind. Multiple group trainings take place throughout the United States every year.

Here’s how they describe it:

“Each training provides the skills for anyone to form their own research team capable of contacting extraterrestrial life forms within the framework of Universal Peace. The foundation of the work is the understanding and experience of remote viewing and remote vectoring of ET spacecraft into a research site. Participants will also train with ET communication systems including lasers and electronics as well as thought interaction with machines. These systems allow ET technologies to interface directly via the framework of universal consciousness, thus negating the limitations of linear time and space. We frequently have very close encounters with ET craft during these trainings and expeditions.

Dr. Greer will share with the participants the overview of the UFO/ETI subject which he has shared in briefings for the Pentagon, the CIA Director, numerous members of Congress and international leaders in the UN, Japan and Europe.

Plus the following consciousness studies:

• The nature of mind and how to experience the unbounded, cosmic aspect of consciousness always within us

• Specific meditation techniques to experience cosmic consciousness, achieve natural remote viewing and precognition abilities and other aspects of higher states of consciousness

• An understanding of the cosmology, integrating physics, consciousness, advanced electromagnetic technologies, extraterrestrial civilizations and the world of spirit and awareness. A review of the nature of advanced extraterrestrial (and classified human technologies) and how they relate to mind, non-locality, and the larger cosmos

• The full spectrum of reality, unifying mind, body, material, astral and cosmic - and how as humans we can evolve to Universal beings by developing Universal, cosmic awareness

• How to use mind and other technologies to contact extraterrestrial civilizations

• A view of the next 5000 centuries: How the Earth and humanity will evolve from its present state to that of a cosmic civilization, living in peace among many

Venues have been chosen because of the UFO activity in the area and the high degree of success the CSETI teams have had in those areas in making contact, as well as the closeness to the New Moon date.”

To learn more about it, visit the CSETI website.

You can also visit the Gilliland ranch in Washington for experiential ET/UFO workshops. Visit the ECETI website for more info.