Resist Speaking from Ignorance and Ridiculing or Censoring UFO Conversations

Talking about UFOs has been frowned upon in many social circles. People tend to steer clear of the subject because others often ridicule whoever brings it up.  If the subject of UFOs is something you think has real value, speak up and explore the conversation with others. If it’s something that isn’t particularly interesting to you, I encourage you to work on maintaining an open mind and refraining from ridiculing others or stopping the conversation. Our silence has impact, and so does our voice.

David Icke, a researcher from the UK, helps describe this social dynamic. He explains that people often desire to stay within a “hassle free zone”, where they aren’t ridiculed and can easily go on living their lives.

Venture out of the hassle-free zone.  UFOs may not be a popular topic, but with more people talking about it, we can begin to reveal the truth one voice at a time.

You may even discover that family and friends have had personal experience of UFOs, or are at least quite interested, but have just never talked about it. A poll recently revealed that one-third of Americans believe in UFOs and 14% say they have seen one. Find out if that’s the case with your own family or friends.