Use Paper Ballots

As long as we live in a representative “democracy”, we need to be sure our leaders are actually elected. Many states in the U.S. still use electronic voting machines even though they frequently malfunction, make it impossible to track the voting record, and make it easy to rig elections. People and organizations around the country are working to change this – you can tap into their networks to help bring verifiable, paper ballot voting to your area.


Election Defense Alliance

“Election Defense Alliance is building a national citizen movement for a full-time, full-range campaign to expose electoral fraud and establish electoral integrity in local, county, state, and national elections.”

Check out their “Take Action” section of the site to find out how you can get involved in the campaign, join a local group, and promote election integrity on election day.


Verified Voting

This organization advocates “the use of voter-verified paper ballots for all elections in the United States, so voters can inspect individual permanent records of their ballots before they are cast and so meaningful recounts may be conducted.” They also “insist that electronic voting equipment and software be open to public scrutiny and that random, surprise recounts be conducted on a regular basis to audit election equipment.”

You can get involved by checking out their action alerts, signing the resolution on electronic voting, and joining their campaign.