Unpacking Recent Economic Moves — Gold, Cashless Currencies, BRICS & More

Sat, 14 Feb 2015 08:00:00 PST

We spend hours every day tracking global economics and still can’t determine with any certainty what’s really going on. Some things seem quite obvious when you look just below the surface: the current so-called US recovery is mostly a figment of propaganda and has little to do with true economic strength. (The US Government is over $18 trillion debt; the major banks are carrying hundreds of trillions in derivatives debt and have failed their “stress tests”; the FDIC, Social Security and Medicare don’t have anywhere near enough funds to fulfill their promises, etc.)

The global geo-political dynamic is in transition, and there are many viable scenarios describing what those developments might be. Is a global cashless currency using SDR’s on the horizon? Is there really gold in Asia that the elders there are planning to use to underwrite major positive change? Is China in cahoots with the western banking cabal or poised to help disempower it?

In this interview, Foster unpacks different scenarios and envisions exciting solutions strategies in more depth than previous blogs. New developments show up weekly and we will continue to share our learning as we go. It is a fascinating time in history, and as always, our participation will help determine how it unfolds. Stay tuned! — Kimberly

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Audio Transcription

David Morgan: Welcome everybody to a special edition of the Master Mind Series for December. We have a guest that took some effort to schedule. He’s someone who most of you are familiar with — Foster Gamble, producer of the movie, THRIVE. In my view Foster has probably done more to bring all the pieces together with what’s really going on in the world today than anybody else I know. And believe me I’ve studied the issues a great deal.

Unfortunately, we won’t be able to cover the full span of Foster’s expertise because we have a limited time during this session. So I’m going to stick specifically to that part of the movie and the aspects of his expertise which deal with the monetary question — a studied approach that we have followed here at The Morgan Report for so long. Foster, I think it would be difficult to state briefly about who you are and what you do. But could you sketch an outline for us in order to bring everyone up to speed?

Foster: Sure. First of all, thanks for having me on, David and for acknowledgement of the THRIVE movie. I will pass that on to my co-creator and partner — my wife, Kimberly, and to the whole team.

I have had a very mixed past to arrive here from where I’ve been. People who watched the movie know that I was born into the Gamble family — from Procter & Gamble. As I grew older, I discovered that I had access to resources that allowed me to choose what I wanted to do with my life, at least to some extent, if I was careful with them.

Those experiences helped put me on a very committed quest for truth. I also described in the movie about how, when I was a kid in elementary school, I was shown how to duck under my desk and cover my head to protect myself from a nuclear bomb. It really woke me up to the fact that if that’s the best solution the adults had to offer, I had better start doing some of my own thinking!

I pursued paths of science, consciousness and business, really all simultaneously. I started and ran a company in Silicon Valley for eight years, and I’ve done other businesses and foundations. The company was called “Mind Center” — it developed the state of the art in brainwave biofeedback technologies and training. This kind of shows where my business interest intersected with my consciousness interest, because we did studies with yogis, Zen masters, psychics and so forth who had absolutely phenomenal control of their consciousness.

The Three Great Discoveries of my Life

But I also offered public training for people, particularly from the Silicon Valley corporations, for stress reduction and creativity enhancement, and for many people to accelerate the quest on their spiritual path, because brainwave biofeedback does that very powerfully. Along the way, I noticed that there were three main mind-blowers of my life. The first was when I found the martial art of aikido. I had been an athlete in college. I started training in martial arts and was frustrated until I found aikido — a non-violent martial art where you’re taught to resolve conflict without, if at all possible, having to resort to violence against the attacker. That experience opened my mind to a level of energy access that I had only dreamed of previously.

Then in my scientific pursuits, my studies of new physics, cosmology and cosmic geometry, led to my being invited into so-called new energy labs where I saw numerous technologies which pulled energy right out of space itself and poured it out cleanly and inexpensively — as much as you want. I realized that those technologies were the same as what I had learned in aikido, in that if you understand how energy and the universe works — and if you align with and mimic it, you can have access to basically infinite energy, as long as you don’t violate the basic principles in the process.

My third big discovery was the whole notion of true personal liberty and sovereignty. I saw a report that had been given to me — from you, David Morgan — that has been a real interest for you also, dealing with liberty and the Austrian School of Economics. We talked in the movie, THRIVE, about how the fundamental energy pattern for sustainability throughout the universe — as far as we can tell — is the donut shaped whirlpool of vortex called the toroid.

Apply that to devices, and you can access clean, free energy. When you apply it to an ecosystem, you can end up with organic polyculture and healthy, sustainable yields rather than GMOs, pesticides, fertilizers and all that kind of stuff. Applied to the human level, it’s a recognition that the fundamental shape — the fundamental wholeness at the human level — is the individual human being, not the group. A real group, a true community, is made up of sovereign individuals coming together.

In a true free market, a real economy is not someone trying to centralize control over everyone else’s decisions anymore more than someone would be able to control the weather of the planet. I view a true economy as being billions of independent and voluntary exchanges happening on a daily basis.

Out of that, price gets determined and resources get distributed accordingly, and so forth. For me, it’s about recognizing that the protection of individual rights is also the protection of economic rights. The more this is done, the more it leads to prosperity, security, happiness and true community. This is kind of a glance at some of the things that have brought me to where we are now.

David: Very good. The first question is going to involve just that. But first of all, there is a coincidence or serendipity I have to state, because while David Smith was asking you to come on board the Master Mind for us, what you are now doing happens to be right in line with what I wanted to discuss with you.

Foster: Aha!

David: During the last month or so, you put up a video about a topic I am most often asked about, that being “What is really going on with our economy?” You also alluded to the Dragon family and its gold. I bought Gold Warriors, the book you recommended. Unfortunately I haven’t finished it yet, though I had hoped to do so before our interview.

What’s really going on with our economy?

Regardless, you had an economic outline, which is of course what I have focused on. You also have a membership link on your site, so I joined that and listened to the 2-hour webinar you did a few Saturdays ago, drilling down more into the economic questions. So I’m going to just open up the topic to you. If you could review what the preliminary video was about, dealing with the economic situation, and then discuss how you drilled down to the five ABCDE action possibilities that could offer a very positive approach in dealing with where we are, now that this global elite has been managing the economic system for so long.

Foster: Sure. I did allude to it too. I really do feel like we’re living in probably the most exciting — maybe the most risky — but also the most exciting time for individual creativity, moving toward the thriving of humanity, in recorded history. A lot of this is not known by many people yet. So I love to share this information. It’s certainly an ongoing discovery for me. And thanks David for joining the ThriveTogether conversation. We really decided just in the last month what — for the audience you’re referring to — is to open up the Thrive Movement Think Tank, in order to be online once or twice a month with live videos using this same WebEx — this incredible technology.

So we’re opening up that conversation. It very much has to be focused upon what’s going on with the money scene, because no matter how well-intended people are, they won’t get a whole lot done, particularly on a global scale, if they’re not able to garner the resources to do it through creative, active partnerships.

What David is referring to is that we were giving some insight into, first of all, a little bit of history of the development of humanity through an unusual lens. We’re taught in high school and college, a very manipulated and inaccurate view of history, for the benefit of the state. But the more you look at history through the lens of real people, not just conquerors and bankers — looking at the history of gold, the history of banking, and the history of wars, you begin to realize they’re all inextricably intertwined, but then the concepts are sanitized for the history books. So many of the wars going back — to Columbus and earlier — I mean they called it a discovery, but it was really an on-going war against the native people — to steal the gold and send it back to Europe.

Then you look at each of the world wars, Vietnam, Iraq, Libya and on and on. To make a long story short, it doesn’t take a lot of searching to find out that the bankers have been usually been funding both sides of each major war. The first thing they do — oftentimes the reason for the war itself, is that they take over somebody else’s land and steal their gold, then take their resources and try to take over their tax base.

When you understand that the motivation throughout history aligned with those perspectives, it’s very different than “making the world safe for democracy” or “fighting terrorism”, or these other excuses that get concocted to enroll the population into supporting their governments in doing these outrageous imperialistic tasks.

You need to look back a little bit just through the last century, to the time of the founding of the Federal Reserve in 1913…incidentally both the Federal Reserve and the IRS were created at the same time. And this was basically a final kind of fruition of the Rothschild and British Banking goals to take over the US again. And they pretty much effectively did it.

In 1913, the Fed was created and since that time, 97% of the purchasing power value of the dollar has been dumped down the drain — or more accurately, into the bankers’ pockets. Then in 1933, President Roosevelt confiscated all the gold from American citizens. In 1944 after World War II, they basically consolidated the whole arrangement into a global fiat money system, with the dollar as the instrument of exchange — the whole thing under the control of the Bank of International Settlements (BIS), run by the central bankers.

At the time the Federal Reserve was created, I think there was something like four central banks in the world. Now, there are over a 150. As many of you may know, the so-called “Axis of Evil” was pretty much made up of the countries which hadn’t yet gone along with the Rothschild’s central banking system, all of which now, except, I think, North Korea and Iran, have been drawn into that system by force.

Anyway, transporting to 1963, President Kennedy signed Executive Order 11110 — look it up. He basically made an agreement with President Sukarno of Indonesia to back the US economy with gold, owned by the Asian Elders and hidden in gold troves in Indonesia. This was all signed and agreed upon, but — and basically, Kennedy was going to take the dollar back to being an asset-backed currency.

Of course the bankers didn’t want this because they were driving as fast as they could toward a total fiat system so they could control it and print all the money they wanted. Shortly after President Kennedy made this deal with Sukarno — which was also going to be used to develop Asia and Africa — Kennedy was killed — within two weeks of signing that agreement. I think that was one of numerous reasons why he was taken out.

But then in 1971, Nixon takes us off the gold standard entirely. And here we are now with the US having at least $16 trillion — I mean 18 trillion dollars in debt. Bernanke had given away at least $16 trillion to domestic and foreign banks in the 2008 crisis.

Now recently, the quantitative easing so-called, a cute name for printing money and just giving it to the banks, was finally ended as you probably know, just about a month ago. I’m being told by my contacts with the Asian Elders, that this was being done because the Elders had terminated the contract of the Federal Reserve to print money, for the first time really, since the Bretton Woods Agreement.

And that was because now — we are taught even people who know about this at the Reserve — we think they’re printing that up out of nothing. I’ve been learning that actually the paper money has all been borrowed against the Asian gold, and the repayment is now overdue. It hasn’t been repaid. The Western banking cabal has basically destroyed the global economy and most of the environment in the process. So their contract to use this money, to be the ones to distribute money worldwide has been terminated. It remains to be seen if that’s true, but there’s a lot of evidence building to back that up.

On the flipside of the equation, what we’re seeing is that the BRICS countries — Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa — along with over a hundred countries which have joined them, are creating an asset-backed world economic alliance, in order to restore a thriving status to countries all over the world. This would involve sidestepping the Federal Reserve or the IMF, the World Bank, and the BIS. That’s not a practical move with the cabal, but those countries have a lot of nuclear weapons, million-man armies, and they own a lot of our debts so they can’t be pushed around easily.

I think we’re on the verge of either a catastrophe in this country, or else changing things into a potentially very positive scenario. The thing I did in the last blog was to lay out five potential scenarios that I’m seeing. And I’d be happy to discuss that. In order to discuss this, I may get to be a bit long winded. Are there any questions or comments before I go on?

David: Yes. Could you drop back slightly and tell us about the gold source that the Dragon family has owned and who they are, because you referenced the Asian gold topic a couple of times. I know something about it because I’ve followed this part of your research very closely. However, I am fairly certain that some of our Master Mind listeners may not be aware of the issue and its significance.

Foster: Thank you for the reminder. I appreciate that. Regarding the scenario I described where gold gets collected in wars and then hidden and protected also in wars — if a country thinks they might be invaded and can’t protect their own gold, they often send it to other bigger countries with agreements to pay for safe storage. That happened a lot before and during World War II.

A lot of countries sent their gold here, but they also buried quite a bit of it in Asia, in Indonesia, in the Philippines, Vietnam, in China. And the — there is an alliance of elders, of royal families from each of those Asian countries — called the alliance of the White Dragon Society or the Alliance of Asian Elders. They see themselves as the stewards, the spiritual safe-keepers of this gold. I have been told by pretty authoritative sources that this gold represents possibly 90% of the world’s wealth.

This is way beyond what the Rothschilds, Rockefellers, Buffetts and Gates of the world have. This is almost entirely off-the-books gold. If you look to see how much each country holds, you’re not going to see this gold. The book, the Gold Warriors, describes that.

And David, for you and other people — it’s a pretty big thick book, but you don’t need to go through it. If you just read the first 45 pages, you’re going to understand the scenario, because they describe — with an overview of the entire story — and then go into great depth in a kind of James Bond page-turner story. But it’s one that’s actually true, and has 2,000 photographic documents to back it up.

We’re basically in a situation now where these Asian Elders possess most of the asset wealth of the entire world. And the Federal Reserve and the Western Banking System is totally in debt to them. They have, according to my sources, been very carefully playing a game of chess with the Western cabal. They saw that the cabal wasn’t going to use the money for humanitarian purposes — quite the opposite. They have been in a game of basically checkmating the cabal, in order to wait until they’re in a position where they can’t be pushed around, as I’ve described, and where they can offer alternatives not only to the US but to the entire world to take us all to another level. There is no reason, in terms of minerals, in terms of resources, food, water, all that, why anyone should be suffering, much less having to go through the incredible level of despair that’s on this planet right now.

I’ve been told that the Elders’ commitment is to the spiritual legacy of their families, their people, and to humanity in general, as opposed to just being motivated by greed and the desire for control over others. Which by the way, has been the operative mode with the Western banking cabal for decades, if not back to the founding of central banking almost 400 years ago.

What I’m being told is that the Elders have said to the cabal, “We will give you a soft landing. You’re overdoing your debt. We’re foreclosing on you and we will help you have a soft landing if you’re willing to actually partner with the world rather than try to dominate it.” That would mean that as the Elders released trillions or quadrillions of dollars’ worth of wealth into the world, a lot of it would flow through the Western banks, the big banks — Citigroup, Chase, B of A, Wells Fargo, and so forth so that these financial institutions could actually get some real deposits on the books. Hundreds of trillions of dollars in derivative debt that has been completely crippled and running on fumes could ultimately be erased — as well the debt of the US Treasury being forgiven — if the Western banks are willing to go along.

An aspect of the release of these funds would be an accompanying of a global currency reset where all the major currencies of the world would reset based upon their real resources, their productivity and services — as opposed to being based on military power or their debt levels.

So this is the offer that’s on the table. It has been negotiated very intensively for over a year now. We’ve been told that several times, everything was signed and sealed, but then each time, the U.S. government would back out.

A Set of Possible Scenarios

So here are the possible scenarios we’re looking at, because the Elders are committed to releasing this tremendous amount of wealth for humanitarian purposes. First of all the funding would reboot the global economic system on a healthy asset-backed basis. They would forgive a tremendous amount of debt for those who deserve it, and then flow this vast wealth — on a fundamental basis — into humanitarian projects all over the world.

In Scenario A, Plan ‘A’, the US Treasury goes along with the Elders. What we’ve been told, is that the whole rest of the IMF, over a 180 countries, have already agreed to this new system — the software has already been installed in every major central bank computer in the world. They are ready to go with this new asset-backed system as soon as the US goes along with it.

Now, if they do go along with it, it could be a tremendously wonderful scene, where even if the dollar gets revalued downwards, at least now it’s worth something, rather than being based on ghost debt. Think of the tremendous amount of money that would come into lots of projects, create new jobs and take care of people most in need. It would fund new technologies and new media systems, and really foster an independent way of doing business worldwide, rather than just taking control of everything. So that is Plan ‘A’.

Plan ‘B’ is where the US Treasury ultimately decides not to go along with this offer. And so the cabal — if they continue to try and manifest their one world government — the US state, the dollar and the American economy would go into an almost immediate collapse. Essentially, the rest of the world would go ahead by themselves, isolating the US, with drastic consequences for us.

In that scenario, I don’t think the government would have any money left over to pay the military, the police forces and so forth. So I don’t believe that the police state would happen, but they would certainly try to impose martial law and all of that. It would not be a pretty sight. So I hope Plan ‘B’ is not what happens.

Plan ‘C’ is where things go forward, but without the Elders being able to release this money, and the Western banking system, under the control of the Bank of International Settlements, continues to take over and create their one world banking system. Their proposed cash currency for this is the SDR — the Special Drawing Rights created by the IMF. In this system, we would have a global version of what has already happened in the Western countries. But at that point, it would be everywhere.

Some people have refereed to this as the “slow burn”, where we continue to collapse, and then finally the New World Order people would get rid of resistance from the US by collapsing our economy. At which point, most people think, “Oh well, we need to be saved by anyone with the money”. Or “Oh now, we’re going to be one world”. But it would be a one-world domination rather than a one world collaboration. So that would be Plan ‘C’ where basically, the BRICS countries are in collusion with the IMF, the US Treasury, the World Bank and so forth, in order to have a world bank-dominated civilization.

Plan ‘D’ is where the Chinese just continue on their own to grow their own economy. I just saw a Reuters’ article yesterday that their GDP has now surpassed that of the US. They are the number one economy in the world, based on real products and services. So they are obviously growing very rapidly. If they have all these gold troves and the Elders can’t keep the PRC from taking it over or using the gold that they’ve already amassed and are mining as fast as they can, we could — in Plan ‘D’ — be in a new era of Chinese dominance by the PRC, rather than the US Treasury and government dominance. I don’t think it would be much better than what we’ve got now — in fact potentially even worse. So I’m not a fan of Plan ‘D’ at all.

Then there’s Plan ‘E’ — a scenario which may sound ridiculous to some people, but is really worth considering. If you spend some time looking at the evidence — and we presented a bunch of it in THRIVE — for the existence of extraterrestrial and inter-dimensional entities — many species of which are not only visiting us now, but who have done so for thousands of years. Evidence of this can be found in the records of virtually every major country in the world.

The question naturally arises then, “What role are they playing?” Everybody has different stories about harmful ETs, the reptilians, the archons, the tall guys, the mantids, and so forth who may be just fine within their own world view, but they don’t have our best interests in mind. They want our resources. They want to live within our atmosphere because something happened to their planets, or whatever their story is. It doesn’t look like it would end well for us.

Other people say that the small greys, the Sirians, Pleiadians, the Nordic, the felines and other species that are — it fairly sounds like we’re living in the Star Wars bar or I have completely lost my common sense but if you check it out, there’s overwhelming evidence particularly from high level military government and NSA sources that this has been going on for a long time. And I’ve had the privilege to meet numerous, very credible people who have been contacted, either abducted or invited on to ships. They’ve seen the drives of the ships. They’ve met with these beings. And actually, report incredibly advanced not only technology but advanced consciousness and, in many cases, very loving beings.

So my point in saying this is that the higher I get in my own contacts, whether it’s the financial world, the government, the military, or the media — the more I talk to people who either have been doing deals with ETs, have contacts with them or are being guided by them in some way. Almost every successful free energy inventor I have visited has ultimately acknowledged to me that they either have direct contact with extraterrestrials, or they’re being guided by an inner telepathic guidance that’s way beyond their own rational minds.

So this is actually a scenario worth entertaining. I highly recommend considering this, because I’m being told that the ETs actually do have our best interest in mind. They are doing everything they can to keep us safe and to keep our sovereignty from the ones who don’t. So Plan ‘E’ is where the ETs actually play a major role in this respect, and hopefully help us, not only to evolve as a species, but enable us to gain and then maintain our true sovereignty — not only financially, not only amongst ourselves — but in the cosmos itself.

David: Very good. I’d like to ask you also about the Plan ‘You’…

Foster: OK.

David: …But I want also to get back to the BRICS because we could argue that it’s the good cop, bad cop scenario.

Foster: Yes.

David: They both seem to want a New World Order, which would mean that we’re being played either way. But I could also argue just as strongly, that the BRICS really do want to make themselves independent of what I would call the Anglo-American empire.

Foster: Agreed.

David: In my perspective, that could be a viable choice for them. What does Foster Gamble have to say about these two entities?

Foster: I think it’s a really interesting question. I certainly don’t have the answer. But the contacts I have who have met with the Elders indicate that they are very impressed in terms of how the consciousness of the Elders is being represented. I ask myself a lot — if I had a quintillion dollars in my gold trove, what would I do to try and save the world? If this is really true, then they have been very brilliant so far in terms of being patient, and in getting themselves into a position where they can actually get rid of obsolete structures, the banking cabal, the whole shadow government and so forth, and then have an opportunity to bring in a thriving world, using that wealth to back good human beings who actually want to make positive, transformative things happen.

So I don’t know if that’s happening for sure. And I’m very wary in case it’s not. I continue to remain in contact with them and with the public. I do see them — the BRICS countries — creating their own banks, their own internet, creating their own stock exchanges and on. This is being undertaken in order to get out from under the thumb of NSA, the Washington consensus and so forth.

I believe that it’s very positive stuff. The fact that they’re moving towards the asset backing of economic systems is a very positive step. Then consider that there are numerous super powers within that alliance. That should help keep a rogue country in check. For example, if China tried to run the whole thing I don’t believe that India and Brazil would let them…and vice versa.

I think moving in that direction is very positive. What I’m trying to do is to affect that conversation because if I had to bet, I believe that Scenario/Plan ‘A’ is taking place, assuming that the U.S. Treasury is willing to go along with it. And that the Asian Elders at least do have humanity’s best interest in mind. At the same time, I don’t have any guarantee that they’re yet able to think in terms other than that of royalty and traditional authoritarian hierarchy. I’m having that conversation with some of their representatives. I do like the way the conversations are going, but I don’t have a sense of certainty — any guarantees — just yet. It’s one of the reasons why I refer to this as such a creative time, because I don’t think any one of us has all the answers.

Having said this, I certainly hear of very creative and open conversations going on that could end up beneficially shaping humanity’s opportunities. And I don’t mean authoritarian edicts, but instead, literally free market/sovereign opportunities for individuals where we could actually create a thriving world faster than I had ever imagined possible. Once the cabal is out of the way, tremendous resources would become available. I’ve written over a hundred articles for our website, dealing with critical issues in every sector of human endeavor. It was a very depressing project for quite a while, until I realized there are a relatively small number of people who are perpetrating the damage. Once they are out of the way, enormous amounts of energy could be released in very positive, very creative ways.

If you look at all of the issues contained in our Thrive Solutions hub, there are over a thousand self-created Thrive Solutions groups in over 97 countries around the world. They are currently taking on over 200 different issues. Now, that could be very diluting and distracting if we didn’t understand that all of those issues — be it GMOs, pesticides, chemtrails, banking schemes, the police state or whatever — that all of these issues are breakdowns in the wholeness of a natural system — in the wholeness of a sovereign human being, the wholeness of an ecosystem, the wholeness of an honest media system, the wholeness of an honest economy and so forth.

We need to be able to recognize who is in the way of restoring wholeness to the natural system. Then, as people who are awake, we need to have plenty of funding — which I think is coming soon — in order to make those changes. I think we’re going to break through each of the systems and move them back into wholeness in a way that is self-reinforcing — in fact, beyond our wildest dreams in terms of thriving!

David: Excellent! Now, let’s go ahead and discuss Action ‘You’, which I think is key to everyone, myself included. This is a big deal for those of us who are critical thinkers.

Foster: This is my favorite conversation these days. I’ve been enrolling the smartest, most open-minded people I know in our network, and inviting them to ask themselves, “What would you do if you were in charge of a quintillion dollars and you wanted to fix the world?” And you know I’m getting some very, very interesting feedback. Virtually, no one, not even the major researchers, economists and so forth whom I’ve talked to, hardly anyone has ever even had that thought, much less gotten involved in some of the strategic thinking and timing that could transform a given idea into a functional reality.

Let me give you an example of the type of things that are arising. One is what we call a flow-through-funding network — a global network of trust. Let’s say there are 5,000 projects selected around the world by the Asian Elders as the first ones to be funded based upon merit, based upon a track record of effectiveness, on the ability to scale globally, the success of their earlier projects, and so forth. It would be a real challenge to distribute even a trillion dollars, much less a quintillion!

One of the ways to do that would be to avoid getting caught in the old top-down hierarchy and funding bottlenecks. It would be critical that each of those 5,000 projects would receive the next round of funding. Then they would distribute money to the people downstream who had been most successful — therefore giving these people funding for their projects. In addition — as the next wave of funding came through, the head of each project would be asked to spread out three billion dollars to the best people he/she knows, those who are doing good work — but carrying it out on a shoestring, keeping in mind that you trusted them, were able to monitor their effectiveness, and so forth.

So, you begin to get this global network that is growing organically based on trust, effectiveness, and exhibited intention rather than on where you went to college, how much money you’ve got, who you knew, that type of thing. It’s really an organic grass-roots distribution of wealth, with the potential to transform the planet.

Another aspect of this is dramatic transparency, rather than the kind of covert deception that has been going on top-down so far. Another is tremendous funding into education because unless people understand the true history of what’s going on in the world, unless they understand the philosophy of liberty that actually includes everyone and a free market economy that honors everyone’s transactions and so forth, were just going to wind up with the next regime, rather than actually breaking through into a completely new paradigm where there are laws, but they’re only protective laws. There are rules but no rulers, where no one has rights that everyone else does not have. And most people have never thought this way either.

These are just a few of the numerous inputs we’ve received that are looking very valuable, that are kind of shaping up into an open-source global business plan. That people get to contribute to as long as they’re not violating anyone else’s rights — that could actually transform the entire system.

David: Excellent. You may have heard of Rick Maybury’s work. Rick and I are pretty good friends. He talks about the two laws, which essentially boil down to how simple it is to have rules without rulers.

Foster: Yes.

David: The first law — comprising the foundation of Contract law, is do everything that you agree to do.

Foster: Yes.

David: And the second law is, do not infringe on the rights of another person.

Foster: Definitely. Let me just say a couple of sentences about that before we move on because it’s so critical to our discussion. Many of my closest friends have never had the opportunity to think this way. I’ve been blessed to have a decade in this thinking and to meet some of the greatest thinkers who are laying out how a world of non-authority can work. It really comes back to those very two rules; the non-initiation of force that you cannot infringe on — you can’t hurt anybody or take their stuff. But then also, you can’t just breach a contract. There’s a price to pay. If you don’t keep your word, you need to make restitution — that’s how to think.

And what I found — I’m actually writing a book on this right now — is that there are a certain number of mind traps. Such as “What about the roads and what will we do for security?” “What about sick people” and so forth? Which are really great questions. It just turned out that when you study how each of those questions would be answered, they make sense, they align with true human motivation without doing harm, and they’re going to work — they’ve already been shown to work when we’ve had an opportunity to solve them on an individual, voluntary level — much better than any government has ever been able to do those things.

One of the most common mind traps is for people to think that since we need to be organized in order to do things effectively, that therefore these organizations should be state-run, with a monopoly on force and money. But that has never led to good news.

On the flipside is, “Yes, we’re going to have organizations, but they will all be voluntary organizations. So if you want to work in an organization, you can choose who you want to have lead you. You’re also free to leave at any time. And neither the individual nor the organization can do any harm.

The Three Legged Organizational Stool

There are three legs to the stool that can support all of these. Most people don’t know about this, but if you have independent security organizations, then people can be protected without anyone having a monopoly on force. And those security organizations have to compete in the open market for a reputation of reliability, non-violation of rights, providing a good product at a decent cost — that type of thing. So that’s number one — private security to protect people and numerous organizations.

Second, is independent dispute resolution, because this takes the place of the monopoly on so-called justice, which also on balance, has not worked out very well. It’s kind of like mediation or arbitration, where you jointly choose an organization which has a really good reputation. If they were to make a terrible decision or violate people, they would lose their reputation, they would lose their business, and they would lose their insurance.

Insurance is the third leg of the stool, because right now, we’ve got a bunch of corrupt insurance companies. But if they had to compete in a true open market without subsidies, very quickly, you would have well-priced, reliable insurance. And for instance this mode would actually align the motivations of the doctors, the healers, of the clients, of the people, and of the insurance companies all together.

Listing and defining those three legs to the organizational stool answers many of the questions that otherwise people don’t even bother to think about.

David: Fantastic. How do you see the honest money situation? And let’s take the scenario — Scenario ‘A’ where the Elders come in, the U.S. adopts the program, and they start flowing real wealth into the world to correct all these problems. Do you see honest money at that point as being just a transition phase — so that maybe our consciousness could move beyond that to where we’re solely based on a non-monetary system? Do you have thoughts or comments on that?

Foster: Yes, I thought about it a great deal. I’ve had numerous in-depth discussions with people from the Venus Project, the Zeitgeist Movement, and other resource-based economy people who want to move beyond money. There’s a common saying out there that “money is the root of all evil”. But I think that’s a dangerous misunderstanding. I believe it is dishonest money that is the root of a lot of the evil and destruction. But I honestly do not think that we can live and thrive without some sort of medium of exchange, at least until the point where we can manifest whatever we want with our consciousness.

So what do you want? Some food, a computer, a car, a really exquisite, unique painting by an artist you respect? Until you can create things that you want with just your mind, then there’s always going to be scarcity. And I don’t mean scarcity in the sense that people need to be suffering, but rather scarcity in the literal sense – that if you want something you don’t have yet, like a new computer, then you need to do (or pay) something to get that computer.

So if we don’t have a medium of exchange — obviously barter or just gifting is great in a voluntary situation. But if it’s mandatory, then you’re back to some sort of communist or socialist system, where an elite is in charge of what everyone else can or can’t do. Someone has to decide who gets the resources, what the distribution will be — that type of thing.

So I think it’s critical for people to make the distinction between an honest medium of exchange, versus fiat money, versus counterfeit, versus fraud, and all of those types of things that have come to be known as “capitalism”. But that’s not it at all. It’s corporate capitalism. It’s crony capitalism. It’s crooked capitalism. But it’s not actual free-market capitalism. This has evolved into a dangerous misunderstanding.

I think the key to honest money is having a free market in money. If somebody wants to open up a bank on the corner where they are passing out monopoly money, they can do it. Now, it’s not going to last long. They either close it down or call it a circus, an entertainment site or something like that.

If however, there’s another bank on the opposite corner that actually takes your deposit, secures it, keeps 100% of that amount in reserve, then loans out real money and gives you your money back whenever you want it, then everybody who has any sense at all is going to go over to that bank immediately. So the best currency, the best banks, the best media of exchange — whether it’s gold, conch shells, Bitcoin or whatever — the best ones are going to rise to the top and sustain themselves.

“So what is the right monetary system?”

A lot of people ask me, “Well what is the right money system? I think that’s the wrong question. Because anytime somebody is thinking about what system should be imposed, you’re on the road to tyranny again.

David: I really love your creative thoughts. I totally agree with you. The idea that you could have — I don’t know if society is the right word — a global humanity without a bunch of rulers.

Foster: Yes.

David: You’re spot on about the free market comments, Foster. Those who follow my work know that my philosophy and life’s work have basically been proving that we don’t have free markets, but that we really ought to try it sometime. It could turn out to work very well.

Foster: Yes.

David: If you don’t mind, I’d like to move to your next topic. It’s one dealt with in the Thrive Series, which is on energy. One particular area has always fascinated me. In fact we wrote and marketed a white paper on it. Have you looked at thorium as a resource?

Foster: I haven’t read a whole lot about it myself. None of our inventors, the ones I’m working with right now, are specifically working with thorium. I think that it holds a lot of potential, but I don’t know that much about the dangers of it yet. I do know that it’s less radioactive than uranium or plutonium.

From what I’ve read, it has potential. I think there are other new paradigm technologies, some of which I’ve seen, which could make much of what we are now using obsolete very quickly. They are based on simple materials and simple construction. They’re inexpensive to build, inexpensive to run, and they don’t carry the same dangers as nuclear or combustive technologies. One concept I am looking into is what they call LENR…L-E-N-R…lattice-energized nuclear resonance technologies.

I have visited the labs of a couple of inventors who are working on that, and have been impressed by what I’ve seen. They’re not all the way there yet. But I’m also a little concerned about those inventors because I’ve met other inventors who are sick from working with different types of fusion technologies. They’re not going to blow up your city, but some of them emit radiation when you’re working with them a lot, and some approaches can make people sick in ways that I don’t think are necessary.

Our next ThriveTogether event — breakthrough inventions

Let me give you a little sense of — we’ve become kind of this cosmic dating service now where we’re being contacted by inventors as well as philanthropists and investors who are looking for a game changer. So we’ve been starting to hook them up together. We sent a survey out to potential investors and grantors, telling them about the areas we’re working with — what we call a ThriveConnect Project, which is innovation of all sorts, not just technology.

Our next ThriveTogether event is going to deal with all sorts of breakthrough innovations, some of them technological, but also in other areas of health, water, eco communities — more social and environmental types of things.

Here’s a short list of the types — just in the energy realm, of some of the technologies we’re working with and seeing. They’re called fusion. There are bio fuels; battery charging; anti-gravity technologies; battery storage technologies, and wireless transmission. But in the area of power generators themselves, we’re looking at cavitation, fusion, geomagnetic, hydrogen, resonance, solar, solid state, toroidal vortex, coil, and turbine.

So there are a lot of different ways of approaching and accessing energy. But the main paradigm shift, what makes these things different, is that for the most part, they are accessing energy that’s already in the field. That’s how they can run so-called overunity — with more output than is going in — because the Second Law of Thermodynamics says you can’t do that. The Second Law of Thermodynamics specifically refers to a closed system. But an atom is not a closed system, nor is a solar system or a galaxy. A human being is not a closed system and neither are these free energy technologies. That’s why every single one that I’ve seen be successful, is in one way or another accessing this toroidal form.

Early in the 20th century, inventors used to try to make them cubicle. They kind of do this stuff in boxes or they try to put them in a metal sphere. But they would always freeze or fry. They either got too hot or too cold because they weren’t exchanging energy with their environment. And that’s the power of the toroid — that it’s distinct unto itself — just as you and I are, but we’re also connected with the whole rest of the universe. Now, through ourselves, through atoms, through our mouths, these technologies are all open at the center so they can balance energy with the rest of the universe.

So it’s very exciting what we’re seeing. And of course, as I laid out in the film, the powers that be want to control energy, want to control fuel, and want to control people’s lives. They don’t want this change to happen, so they’ve been going to great lengths — sometimes very tragically — of stopping people from creating these breakthroughs that would serve all of humanity.

David: Very good. We at The Morgan Report and others have been looking into this…it’s well-known if you think about it. But then — nothing happens without energy.

Foster: Yes.

David: To determine what the standard of living really is, you look at something called energy flex density, which is what we’re saying — that if you have the availability in North America to have a certain number of kilowatts per month, you have a far higher living standard and ability to create things than if you are in a third world country where you might have one solar panel throughout the village.

What you’re doing with Thrive allows all of these breakthroughs to potentially occur simultaneously or at least synergistically.

Foster: Yes.

David: My sense of what you were saying in the beginning is that we are in the processes of something extremely large here because it goes throughout the whole human condition and we touch all the bases.

Foster: Yes.

David: Foster, you gave us your time, the most valuable commodity that any human has. Is there anything we haven’t discussed that you would like to share with our Master Mind group before we call it a day?

Foster: Yes. Let’s continue for a few minutes with the conversation we were just having. We talked about these tremendous technologies for energy that are already in existence. And they also exist in the area of health, water purification, agriculture and decontamination. Those are the main technologies we’re dealing with now. I mentioned also that they have — are being suppressed — and have been. But I don’t want to leave the story there because — most people have probably seen the film, Who Killed the Electric Car. Well, they did make the electric car very sick and they put it in a cage for a decade. And yet now, people are driving electric cars.

The same thing is going to be happening, except at a much faster rate in all these other areas. I don’t see any way that the cabal can stop what – just me as one individual, what I’m seeing now. I think in the next five years, there will be 200 new energy companies around the globe. It’s happening in all different countries. Then there are the health technologies. I’ve seen technologies which can bring people from virtual paralysis, seizure, and multiple sclerosis back to walking around and talking clearly in a matter of minutes. I’ve seen the same thing in water purification, technologies that could restore pure water all over the world very quickly. But understandably these people know that they have to be very careful in how they’re bringing these things out.

But our group, ThriveConnect, and other groups around the world are not only looking to bring funding to these geniuses who are having the courage and skills to do these things now, but we’re bringing them consulting teams if they want advice on security or legal structures — how to protect themselves that way. In addition, showing them how to create a business plan, do the marketing, distribution and manufacturing — all that stuff — because it’s not enough to just have a brilliant idea. It does take a village of different people with different intelligences and different skills to actually bring these ideas into fruition.

But the rate at which I am seeing… and I love your term before, David, this is happening synergistically — they’re all going to feed on and into each other. And for those of you who may not have heard of these particular technologies, I’ve been working with some of the economists who are involved in the THRIVE movie to get estimates of what would happen if we simply had free energy and got rid of the Federal Reserve — what kind of impact would that have on a normal family, on a normal working adult?

Imagine that everyone you encounter is thriving…

The estimates I am getting are that between six and ten times the assets and income you have now are what you would have additionally, just with those two changes (free energy and the abolition of the Federal Reserve) alone. So all of a sudden, you’re not paying for gas, you’re not paying to heat your home, not paying taxes that go to the military and the Federal Reserve. The effects just start multiplying. If people have more assets, they’re not only able to take care of others around them, choose the schools they want their children to attend, but now they are creating humanitarian projects and creating conscious businesses. Now all of a sudden, they’re creating wonderful products and hiring people — and those people are getting wealthy and creating more businesses.

So I recommend to people that you do a 5 to 10-minute meditation sometime, where you imagine walking through the streets of your city, and see in your mind’s eye that everyone you encounter is thriving. They actually have the food and water they need. They’ve got a job doing what they love. They learn how to be successful in relationships with others. Just imagine what that is like, because I know that’s where we’re headed if we make it as a species. I think that’s what some of the voluntaryists are trying to coach us on.

As we learn to restore the whole system, to be in harmony with how energy flows, all of that is possible. As we say in the last line of the THRIVE theme song, “we all have what it takes to thrive”.

David: Beautiful. Foster, I want to thank you again for your time. I do have some thoughts on a couple of ideas that I would like to put out. I can either discuss them with you directly, or post them on your website bulletin board.

Foster: Well, I would love to interact with you anytime you want. I can’t tell you what a relief it is to me personally just to be able to have such a full conversation with people who have been doing similar research, and really stretching their own minds to think what could actually work to replace the current systems. I also want to acknowledge you for using what I think is the life blood of humanity’s transformation right now — independent media — to empower this type of conversation and offer this to the people in your network. It’s just a tremendous gift — it’s exactly what’s needed. I really feel an alliance with your whole team, and I look forward to future collaborations.



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