Tips for Exploring the THRIVE Website

By Foster Gamble

We created our film as a trailer for the THRIVE website and the site as a tool to empower discovery and activism for leveraged solutions. We want to make sure you don’t miss some key areas!

Even though there are hundreds of thousands of visitors to the website each month, many people are just starting to discover the depths of this plentiful resource.

You can quickly access excellent research into each Sector (Economics, Health, Environment, Arts, etc.) and other key topics (Fundamental Pattern, Global Domination Agenda, Follow the Money, etc.). And when you choose to take action, the site will help you find engaged allies and clarify your choices.

Click on any of the images or links below to explore more.

Explore the 12 Sectors

Explore critical issues in all sectors of human endeavor and follow your interests.

Watch Bonus Video Clips

Watch hundreds of short bonus video clips from the making of Thrive. The videos are organized by sector and topic so you can navigate easily according to your interest.

Take the THRIVE Reality Check

Test your knowledge of critical information. Reality Check is a quick and fun way for you to find out more about the facts that inform the THRIVE perspective.

Dive Deeper into Foster’s Research

Explore the code, the problem and solutions from THRIVE in more depth.

Join the Solutions Hub

Start a THRIVE Solutions group or find one nearby. You can search for groups by location or issue.

Stay Informed — Follow Foster’s Blog

Get the latest news and insights from THRIVE creator, Foster Gamble.


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