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Knowledge is Power — And the secret to real justice is hidden in plain sight

Sat, 14 Mar 2015 12:00:00 PDT

March 14, 2015 12 noon–2pm PDT

Within days and even just hours of receiving a series of letters drafted from this powerful, hidden knowledge, more than a dozen officials holding high-level positions of power resigned from their jobs, all of which were causing harm to the public.

Did You Know?

In order for corporations to function successfully and implement their agendas, they are dependent upon our cooperation (contractual acquiescence). And we have been unwittingly giving it to them. But all that is about to change.

Cal is joining Foster, Kimberly and the Thrive Team as we explore a fact-based timeline of the transformation of countries into corporations, the immense power people can exercise to hold corporations and all of those in power accountable for the harm they cause, and the strategies we can use to right countless ongoing violations.

Join us! Be a part of the conversation. Be a part of the solution.

What did the letters say?

Cal Washington, people’s advocate, is the man behind this powerful process who understands that what we think of as countries are in fact corporations! Holding otherwise-untouchable government and corporate officials personally liable results from understanding that governments are not just in cahoots with corporations. Governments themselves are actually already incorporated. And once you understand the why and the how of this incorporation, you can apply this administrative process to virtually every worldly violation to finally achieve the justice we seek.

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Thrive will continue posting information on this exciting process. For more information on Cal’s work and to be notified when the Notice of Liability process becomes available, please visit and sign up to their email newsletter. At their site you can also connect with the team who is developing the resources (see About > Contact in their menu).


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