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Sat, 13 Dec 2014 12:00:00 PST

Hundreds of inventors and visionaries have contacted us since the release of THRIVE with breakthrough devices and projects…and with concern about their dreams being suppressed.

Attending the Event

  • To participate in this event, please register.
  • Once registered, you will receive further instructions by email.
  • You may register at any time now through Saturday.
  • If you are not familiar with WebEx technology, we recommend that you watch this 5 minute tech tour in advance of the event.
  • Have a headset if possible if you intend to interact live — speaker phones can cause echoing.

For those who will be joining us we invite you to boost your understanding and preparation by exploring our New Energy Technology article and, if time permits, Foster’s talk at the last Global Breakthrough Energy Movement conference.

Suggest and vote on others’ questions in the comments below so that we can be as responsive to your considerations as possible. We are eager to interact with you and to benefit from the questions and insights you bring to the table.

Not able to attend the event? No problem. You can still suggest a question and then watch the archived version on this page anytime that is convenient for you after the event.

Event Archive

An archived version of the event is now available to watch.

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From Thrive

From Participants

  • Thanksgiving with John Searl — Facebook (John William Cornett)
  • Electrons ride the Magnetic Wave — YouTube
  • Searl Magnetics
  • GDS Technologies’ Portable Water Generators — PESWiki
    GDS Technologies in Canada announced they have a “portable electric generator” that runs on nothing but water… has anyone here vetted this product?
  • Lumeter Networks (pre-paid off-grid electricity)
    Through a company I co-founded called Lumeter Networks which is focused on making renewable energy affordable for the 1.5B people living without power in emerging markets, I see a huge opportunity to deploy these new “free energy” technologies to those who need it most and in markets that are largely below the radar of the “powers that be.” In this way, emerging markets can become a living laboratory for the new technologies that with enough critical mass, can be re-introduced to the developed world. I would love to coordinate with others trying to electrify the bottom billion and at the same time, introduce some of these revolutionary technologies. — Grant Hunter
  • Global Energy Solution
  • Searl Aerospace Corporation
  • Swallow Command — Professor John R.R. Searl’s life in Pictures and Videos
  • Open Source Ecology
  • An Exploration into Planetary ConsciousnessThe Human Connection Institute
    Would the technology to popularize humanity’s access to a commonly-sensed fully-felt intelligence be considered a breakthrough?
  • Mapping the Whole in Everyone — An Essay on: Non-Existence as the Engine and Axis of Existence
    In alignment with toroidal dynamics, this peer-reviewed published essay addresses the cosmology of consciousness, the origins of mind and matter — Sperry Andrews
  • Ozone and intravenous Vitamin C are said to be very helpful against cancer. Reno Integrative Medical Center, Dr. Robert Rowen and Dr. Frank Shallenberger offer these and other therapies.


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