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The mission of ThriveTogether is to provide a forum where transparent, open-minded discussion will nourish our critical thinking and effective collaboration.

We will explore different perspectives, foster respectful debate, and engage the full range of skills and insights of people participating in this vast global movement.

Together we will unpack key patterns in current events and solution strategies, life skills for thriving and the principles by which to empower an effective transformational revolution — what we are calling the transvolution. Come as you are!

We invite you to check out a sample ThriveTogether blog, where we share our in-process discovery and invite you to join us live to help unpack the stories.

“Being part of an intelligent, compassionate group of people from all over the world looking straight at the issues of today, thoughtfully exploring how to navigate and create change, share solutions together…That’s powerful!”
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“A place where all kinds of ideas can be discussed openly and respectfully. I like being able to see the other people on line, knowing we have the same goals and a chance to explore our different ideas without fear and anger getting in the way.”
— ThriveTogether subscriber
“The energy of live discussion is amazing, and it personalizes and solidifies into reality this movement, these concepts, and this community… it provides hope and a platform for positive action, the antidote to the paralysis of fear.”
— ThriveTogether subscriber

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  • Monthly interactive live online video events, answering questions in real-time from Subscribers and discussing network-generated and blog topics in more depth
  • 2 × month blog post (video, audio or text) from Foster and Kimberly, answering questions suggested by Subscribers, connecting the dots on current events and critical issues, highlighting global economic scenarios, new science and breakthrough technologies, principles behind solution strategies, personal skills for thriving, and more
  • Access to the Subscription archives
  • Links to resource materials from Foster’s Binders

In addition to all Thriver Subscriber benefits, Guardian Angels enjoy…

  • Quarterly two-hour two-on-one calls with Foster and Kimberly, answering questions individually and addressing potential personal impacts of global financial developments as well as solution strategies
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ThriveTogether is concluding as of March 20, 2016. Subscriptions and renewals after February 20, 2016 will still be charged for the full monthly subscription fee, regardless that it is a shortened subscription period, in order to minimalize administrative costs. For more information on what we are now focusing on, please visit the ThriveTogether FAQ.

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