Thrive Spotlight #3

Sat, 23 Apr 2016 06:00:00 PDT

When you find yourself wondering what one person can do… when you feel like you are David up against Goliath… when you are reading gnarly news about the Global Domination Agenda… I want you to remember the little guy in this first video and the granny in the second, and GO BIG!

Find in yourself the raw courage and boundless intention that got you here in the first place. Remember YOU were the winner in a monumental swimming race against at least 60 million other sperm. That’s why you incarnated and got a life!

It’s knowing that there are allies out there like them…and you, that help keep us going at Thrive. Thank you!

— Foster


Financial — Looming Collapse

In-Depth — the Panama Toilet Papers

Here are some of the most thorough and reliable non-mainstream sources putting together the pieces of the puzzle the globalists don’t want you to understand.

Global Domination Agenda

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