Thrive Response to Deepak Chopra, Paul Hawken and John Perkins

By Foster and Kimberly Gamble

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Deepak Chopra wrote a note to us recently in which he expressed that he did not expect to be part of a conspiracy theory film.  Paul Hawken and John Perkins then both wrote to say they concurred with Deepak. We honor their need and right to express what makes them feel comfortable in relation to THRIVE, and, as we have stated repeatedly, we did not intend for them to feel misled. 

We feel this is a good opportunity for us to share our thinking and why we were initially surprised to hear from them about their dissociation. 

We know the term “conspiracy theory” has been greatly ridiculed in our culture, so that it can seem socially silly, professionally unacceptable or just plain risky to mention it. 

We looked up “conspiracy” in the dictionary which defines it as “an evil, unlawful, treacherous, or surreptitious plan formulated in secret by two or more persons; plot.”

Many of the pioneers in THRIVE shared their expertise about the covert suppression and control being exerted in their particular area, such as medicine, (Chopra), Food (Robbins and Shiva), Environment (Hawken), Media and the Surveillance State (Goodman), Energy (Trombly), Education (Gatto), Money (Griffin, Still, Fitts) and international economic relations (Perkins). Part of our mission was to put the pieces together, follow the money all the way to the top, and let the world know what we found. 

What we said in our early and public description of the movie to these Pioneers was that THRIVE "follows the money" upstream to unpack the agendas behind the consolidation of power in every major area of human endeavor - from our global food crisis to our economic collapse, from energy to media, and unleashes bold strategies to reclaim our future and our lives. We chose each Pioneer for their role in helping us in our exploration and research of this consolidation of power and influence.

We understand it may seem safer to some to dissociate. It may also be that some of those dissociating do not believe the consolidation of resources and power is intentional or do not have information on the role played by the secret societies like the Bilderbergs, the Trilateral Commission and the Council on Foreign Relations, or perhaps they are simply uncomfortable naming the names of the perpetrators. Whatever their reasons, we respect their choice to dissociate. 

But our role is to cohere a larger picture, revealing the connections between the covert agendas and consolidation of power and resources that each of the Pioneers name in their particular area of expertise. It is not comfortable for us to name all that we do in THRIVE. We knew we would be subject to all kinds of ridicule and slander, and no intellectual preparation can mitigate the emotional challenge of that. We are grateful that we are aligned in our purposes as a couple, and willing to do what it takes to speak up because for us, the pain of staying silent would be greater than the pain of public controversy. 

We obviously believe what we put in THRIVE - We wouldn’t invest millions of dollars and decades of time if we were not committed to a better world and if we did not believe THRIVE would be helpful in these dire times. We are grateful that people around the world find value in the extensive research we did to cohere this larger picture and the tools we provide for pursuing their own inquiry and taking leveraged action. 

We do not believe that people should be deprived of any important perspective, which is why we transparently offer many of the resources we used to gain our understanding so that people everywhere can do the research themselves - and their own critical thinking. 

Agreement is not our goal, informed and effective engagement is.