THRIVE Good News — Episode 7

Sat, 25 Jan 2014 08:21:00 PST

We are happy to share some especially good news about the environment! It’s important to celebrate the victories as we navigate this long road to a thriving world.

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Foster: Here’s a quick Good News Tuesday summarizing a few breakthroughs in the area of the Environment.

First of all, Kaua’i has won their legal battle to regulate toxic spraying of pesticides as well as banning new GMO crops.

Newfoundland…their government has announced a moratorium on the practice of fracking.

And, when I was in Australia last year, doing a Thrive tour, the two biggest issues that I was asked about wherever I went (the two big issues that were going on over there), were fracking as well as the carbon tax because Australia is kind of a guinea pig for this move toward a global carbon tax right now. The new Prime Minister of Australia, who has just come into his position, has announced that he is going to get rid of the carbon tax. Virtually every small business owner that I talk to in Australia was suffering under the burden of the carbon tax. Some of them had had their taxes double and triple. It was basically running them out of business, leaving only the great big players. But, from a larger perspective, the big threat of the carbon tax is that it is planned and has been well documented to create the legal basis as well as the tax basis for a one-world government. This was started at the Copenhagen Conference in 2009 under the guise of stopping global pollution. The attempt was being made to try to create this law which would gather money from all over the world and then give it to the World Bank to run this new one-world government with a new set of laws. I was thrilled to see that in Australia this hasn’t worked and they’re getting rid of it.

In Boulder, CO, a recent vote shortly after Goa and I were there at the Breakthrough Energy Movement Conference, the citizens there voted to reject the domination of this company called Xcel Corporation who has had a monopoly on their utility. With what they’ve passed with their recent vote, they basically secured for their community the opportunity to access energy from a whole variety of alternative and renewable sources. This battle is being fought in cities and counties all across the country.

Finally, Israel has committed to ending their water fluoridation in 2014, citing health concerns, because they have begun to look at the studies and look at the results and they’re seeing that people are getting sick from having fluoride in their water. So that, too, can be a model to communities all over the world to not let toxic waste be put in your water under false pretenses.

So that’s it for now on the Environmental Good News update. Thanks. Bye.

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