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Sat, 27 Sep 2014 08:00:00 PDT

By Foster Gamble

To save everyone time in their own quest, I wanted to upload the essence of my life’s research — into both problems and solutions — onto a website. So our team spent several years doing just that.

We always conceived of the film as a trailer for the website, and the website as a tool for the movement. But the online culture changed to where few people seem to visit websites unless it’s a click-through from their Facebook page, and then it’s usually just to watch a video and leave again. So most of the 26+ million people who have viewed THRIVE have little idea of the value of the resources available on our site.

The purpose of this blog is to further introduce both new seekers and returning thrivers to some of the most valuable, yet least discovered of the dashboard we designed to give everyone their own version of the “Navigator Module” that I flew around in during THRIVE. I want to show you the Research trove, the Resource Tree, the Follow the Money tab, and the Sector Navigator. So buckle up and let’s go!

For those of you unfamiliar with navigating the Thrive site, you might want to watch this quick intro video:

Now let’s say you want to find out about the area of New Energy Technology.

Is it real? How does it work? Is it dangerous? What would be the benefits?

Click on “GET INFORMED” and select “Explore Foster’s Research” from the drop down menu.

That takes you here and whole new worlds open up.

Under “The Code” section in gold, click on “New Energy Technology” and you are there.

After reading the article and looking at any video clips that interest you, if you want to dive deeper on your own, you can access our “Resource Tree” with the custom tool at the bottom of the page (if the Sector Navigator is enlarged at the center, just roll over it to activate and then click on the Resource Tree icon.)

Or, you can also access it with the tab in the left hand panel of your dashboard.

Click on your category of choice and check out related books, clips, movies and websites.

While we are at the bottom of the page, I want to make sure you know about our “Sector Navigator.”

This is the tool I used in the film:

and here is yours (at the bottom of every page):

Play with clicking, dragging and double clicking until you are comfortable with this tool and it will be a fun way to navigate the site and save you a lot of time. (As you get advanced with this, try the “Free Tumble Mode” tab underneath the Navigator, and play with the bracket keys on your keyboard ( [  ] ) to expand or contract the tool.)

Many people ask “Why is Free Energy still not available?” To better understand the problems keeping these energies suppressed visit GLOBAL DOMINATION AGENDA and FOLLOW THE MONEY.

Kimberly recognized that we were going to be sharing a lot of very challenging information in our film and on the site, so she thankfully pushed for having both Solutions and Success Stories for every Sector and Topic available on every page with a single click of the left panel dashboard tabs.

Try it out! Explore ways to solve all our major problems and brighten your day!



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