Thrive Connect

Our intention is to catalyze, coordinate and support technological, social, educational and economic breakthroughs in all 12 major sectors of human endeavor.

The understanding and trust engendered by the THRIVE movie inspired hundreds of technology inventors and social innovators to reach out to us for collaboration and support. ThriveConnect is all about using our unique and empowered position to facilitate highly leveraged solutions that, when coordinated, will be instrumental in positively transforming our planet.

ThriveConnect developed a coherent system for evaluating the different projects we heard from, and we identified and secured proposals from what we believe to be the most impactful projects in each Sector — more than 70 at present — half in the realm of technical innovations providing electricity, water purification, decontamination, agricultural and health innovations, and the others dealing with social, economic, educational, environmental and justice issues. These projects, when fully funded and unleashed to fulfill on their promise, will create a grounded and transformative synergy unprecedented in human evolution.

By connecting inventors and innovators with investors and philanthropists, ThriveConnect empowers breakthrough innovation in two general categories:

  • Breakthrough Technology Projects — Energy Generation, Health, Water Purification, Water and soil de-contamination, Agriculture, etc.
  • Pioneering Social Projects — Each one a global game changer within their Sector, including Economics, Justice, Health, Media, Environment, Education, Arts and more.

We decided to focus initially on one particularly exciting health initiative in order to develop a model that can be rolled out in different countries to impact hundreds of millions of people all over the world. The Program is called HemaLucent, and it’s a unique and patented process for activating one’s own blood with appropriate and gentle laser light frequencies and then using the same light to guide the activated cells to whatever parts of the body need most support.

We are working with Rythmia Life Advancement Center to benefit from the expertise they’ve gained in the course of establishing their world-class medically-licensed resort. They are helping us to navigate the international compliance issues, legal registrations, and delivery protocols that are necessary to be safe and effective in bringing new initiatives to the world. The area of health is especially encumbered by regulations and as such provides a worthy challenge.

We encourage you to visit Rythmia to experience HemaLucent. It is now medically-licensed, fully-operational and offered alongside plant-based medicine and an array of life-style support offered at their beautiful facility in Guanacaste, Costa Rica. You can reach them at +1 844 263-8340 or visit their website for more information.

Now we have succeeded with this model, we can release other solutions using the relations and understandings we have gained through this experience.

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Our core criteria for consideration and selection of ThriveConnect Projects are:

Breakthrough initiative based on ‘wholeness’ At this critical time, incremental change will not suffice. We’re empowering only those projects which provide breakthrough solutions, which are wholeness-based and do not violate personal liberty or the planet.
Scalable to global reach Projects must be scalable to reach the global community.
Clear evidence of existing commitment Projects need to have progressed beyond a theoretical stage, and have clear evidence of performance or success, such as a working prototype.
Reputation of integrity and effectiveness Lasting effective solutions can only be based on integrity.
Congruent with Thrive 3-Stage Solutions strategy As described in the film THRIVE, the best of existing systems from all perspectives are incorporated into a comprehensive solutions strategy restoring all human systems into wholeness, facilitating true liberty for all without initiating force or violations against any persons or property. ThriveConnect projects create solutions which align with this solution strategy.

If you are an investor or philanthropist and would like to invest in ThriveConnect, please email us at

Thrive Health Access is a duly organized Costa Rican SRL acting as a management services organization (MSO) that specializes in providing services for unique and cutting-edge Programs. Thrive Health Access is not related to Clear Compass Media or Thrive Movie, LLC other than commonality of shareholders.