The 12 Sectors / Health

VISION for the Health Sector : Natural healing and pro-active health maintenance will combine with advanced technology to support healthy thriving people all over the world.

Danger : The profit-motivated health care industry is creating more dependence on drugs and less overall health. People are over-medicated, lack access to quality healthcare, and millions around the world are dying of preventable, and treatable, diseases.

Opportunity : Whole-systems approaches for prevention and healing are emerging, natural treatments and technologies have the potential to cure cancer, and meaningful health care reform can be achieved.    

Critical Issues

How did we get a health care system that profits when you're sick, rather than when you're healthy?
Why would we let an international food organization set global food standards when it protects pharmaceuticals and allows dangerous GMOs into our food supply?
Why haven't there been any significant breakthroughs in finding cancer cures?