The 12 Sectors / Environment

VISION for a Thriving Environment : A healthy planet, free of pollution where people act responsibly to protect and maintain
balance with the environment.

Danger : The water, soil and atmosphere are being dangerously polluted and manipulated.  Extinction rates are growing and people are starving.

Opportunity :  In every area that our environment is threatened, people are organizing to intervene with strategic and effective solutions.

Critical Issues

Why would we risk all life on Earth by exposing ourselves to the most dangerous pollutant ever discovered when there are safe, sustainable and cheap alternatives?
Governments and corporations are deliberately manipulating and altering Earth's climate, endangering the lives of people all over the world. Two of the most extreme cases of geo-engineering are "chemtrails
Do you believe individuals and organizations who destroy the health of others and of eco-systems should be stopped and forced to provide restitution?
Why would we risk our health, threaten evolution and become dependent on chemical companies for our food?
How does climate change relate to the banking elite's effort to transcend national sovereignty, establish global governance and create a global tax to fund their dominance?
How does consuming plastic threaten our well-being and benefit the oil industry at the same time?
What are humans doing that would be causing a vast percentage of bees to die off, and how can we save them?