The 12 Sectors / Arts

VISION for the Arts:  All people will be free to creatively express their innermost passions and insights, in a way that fulfills themselves, inspires others, and does no harm.

Danger : The arts are undervalued and suppressed, which isolates us from each other and our deeper selves.

Opportunity : We can use the arts to express our realities, promote and reflect social change, challenge the status quo, and connect more deeply with ourselves and others. A truly open Internet makes it possible to inexpensively share creative inspiration with vast numbers of people through music, poetry, films, photos, paintings and more.


Critical Issues

History shows that art in all forms has the ability to create new connections, catalyze movements, and transcend barriers that divide us. Art has the ability to transcend the ego, the rational mind and habitual reactions and to touch directly the feelings and essence of an individual. The arts can be an agent of change and can help us create a thriving world, so why aren

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