Staying Centered in a Crazy-Making World

Thu, 21 Nov 2013 08:32:00 PST

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Hi. I wanted to say ‘thank you’ and to give you a little update on this two-year anniversary since the release of Thrive. Actually, I want to talk to you a little bit about my personal experience in these last two years. I’ll just set the context, which is that Thrive has been seen by over 20 million people, it’s in 27 different languages, and we have had a chance to hear from hundreds of thousands of you in these last many months. I go to my email with Google Translate every day, so it’s really a treat to engage with people from all over the world.

Because we’re like this hub of hearing from all of you, we have created something called Thrive Connect, where we’re linking the most powerful innovations (especially with new energy technology, but not only) with philanthropists and investors who we’re also hearing from. Another project is that we’ve created the Solutions Hub and the idea behind that was to give it a hub, an opportunity of a place, for people from all over to connect and share best practices about what you’re engaged in and solutions. We have over 900 groups from 96 different countries working on over 300 different issues already there. That’s just an uplifting and inspiring thing to be a part of. We’re also just keeping up with what’s going on, the good and the bad of that. We put out blogs, everything from what’s really going on in Syria to the latest with the new energy technologies. We have something called “Good News Tuesday” that happened. We were having our team calls on Tuesdays and sometimes Foster would just do these great downloads on all this good news of things coming through and we thought, “you know, we should record these and put them out to the network”, so everyone who signed up through gets these blogs every week. The good news, it’s great. You can learn about what’s happening that we can be proud of in the midst of these challenging times like just how many countries are taking on this whole GMO onslaught and really being effective in putting an end to it.

I’ve been learning a lot in this process and one of the things that’s really been at the forefront for me is this feeling that I have that I’ve been learning how to navigate across what feels like three different realities. It’s like this three-lane highway that I feel like I’ve been needing to figure out how to navigate. The first reality is the dominant realty, the second reality is the covert one, and the third is the reality of spirit.

The dominant reality is really the one that’s most commonly perpetuated and it’s the one that would say that the mainstream news is giving us really accurate information about ourselves and that oil companies are doing everything they can to provide us with safe, clean, cheap energy alternatives and that you don’t need to know what’s labeled on your food in the markets because you can trust whoever’s behind providing you with that food and that there are crazy, mean people lurking around every corner so you better be really afraid and suspicious everywhere you go. This dominant reality would hold that war and starvation are inevitable and that if you believe otherwise, it’s only because you’re naïve. So…lane 1.

Then, there’s lane 2, which is this covert reality and in that, it’s kind of like the reverse of lane 1, where this huge disparity of wealth where 80% of the world’s financial resources are owned by 8% of the people. That looks like a failure over in lane 1, but is actually a success over in this covert reality because it’s the result of the intentional work of those who are the leaders of this covert agenda, these very few disturbed and very powerful banking elite who are sort of at the top of the pyramid in this consolidation of wealth and power. In this reality, the worldview is that it’s fine for a few people to control the rest of us, that it’s okay for bankers to make up money out of nothing and charge tax payers interest on it, that it’s okay to rig elections and actually assassinate people who would potentially get in the way of this agenda around the world, that it’s okay to pillage the planet for financial profit. That’s the essential worldview of this covert agenda. Of course, this agenda is fully documented. We do our part to do that at, our website, and also in the movie to cohere this information, but if you do the research, it’s inevitable that you will find the same few people at the helm in this consolidation of wealth and power. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking at health and pharmaceuticals or energy and technology or economics and banking. It’s really all the same.

This covert reality kind of runs underneath or alongside everything that we’re led to believe and I remember after one especially uncomfortable conversation that Foster and I had with some friends and we were coming home and thinking, ”How is it that this covert reality that is so well documented could be so socially uncomfortable to talk about?”, so we decided to do some research. We read this great book by Lance deHaven-Smith called Conspiracy Theory in America and one of the things that he described was that in the 1960’s, it was actually the CIA who coined the term conspiracy theory. It was in response to the Warren Commission Report. That was the official government report that came out about the Kennedy assassination that claimed that Lee Harvey Oswald was the lone assassin and even though there was a ton of evidence that that wasn’t the case, they wanted to shine the light away from their (the CIA’s) potential involvement in that assassination and, so hence this propaganda campaign to make questioning any official government document a socially taboo thing to do and, of course, that prevails today. If I question the legitimacy of the 9/11 Report, then that can be uncomfortable even though it doesn’t even acknowledge Building 7 that fell without even being hit by a plane. Clearly, they’ve been successful in that campaign, as I know many of you are also painfully aware.

The third reality is the reality of spirit. Each of us has our own version of what that is. It could be Mother Nature. It could be Mother Mary. The point isn’t what version of it means the most to you. It’s that we have something that goes beyond our rational mind and transcends these other two realities. For me, this reality of spirit is the source of my inner knowing and that through that inner guidance, I am led to discover my purpose. And, in knowing my purpose, I have the courage and the resilience to navigate across this really uncomfortable divide of what is socially acceptable and what is actually true. I believe that this can be lonely and it can be uncomfortable. And, in my experience, it is always worthwhile because through this reality of spirit into the inner guidance and knowing our purpose, I believe that what happens is that we know who we are and that allows us to know what is it that we unequivocally stand for and when we know that, nothing can stop us. No one can stop us.

My own experience in navigating these three parallel realities, combined with the guiding principle of non-violation is that I am afforded this unusual and wonderful position to be engaged with hundreds of thousands of you from all across the world and I know from your messages that many of you feel isolated and I want to take this opportunity to reflect to you that you are not alone. There are millions of you waking up with increasing clarity and courage, traversing the same three-lane highway in your own worlds, across these divides, and that you are doing it with such grace and such unique, glorious, full-on participation that it is an honor for me to witness and participate with you as the world really is waking up.

Thank you.




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