Thrive Changes and Spotlight #1

Sat, 19 Mar 2016 06:00:00 PDT

Hi folks — Foster here.

New things are happening at Thrive.

Kimberly is now focusing full time on ThriveConnect, and I am offering these new curated news selections we are calling “Spotlight” and at last writing my book!

What is “Spotlight?” It’s a way to save you time and support critical thinking. Out of the hundreds of articles and videos I read and view every week, I will assemble a list of some of the best for everyone on our mailing list. I hope you find them useful and I welcome your comments below.

What is “ThriveConnect?” It’s a cosmic dating service between breakthrough innovations and the funding and support they need to get safely and successfully out to the world. Kimberly will no longer be engaged in social media, blogs and other outreach in order to work with a few of these projects to create the model that we can then apply to all the others. (We have been contacted by over 1,000 inventors and innovators from around the world who are working on technical, environmental, social and economic breakthroughs.)

To give us the time we need, we are suspending the ThriveTogether think tank on-line events for now. I will still be offering blogs, Facebook posts and these curated article collections as time allows while consulting on ThriveConnect and writing my book about how restoring the wholeness of natural systems and the liberty perspective are combining to solve virtually every issue in the way of humanity thriving.

Thanks in advance for your understanding and your ongoing alliance in our shared quest for peace, prosperity and justice on our treasured planet and beyond.



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