Spiritual Activism — Riding the Waves of Change with Kimberly Carter Gamble

Sat, 19 Jul 2014 08:00:00 PDT

By Kimberly Carter Gamble

Each moment holds the possibility for us to claim our purpose. Join me for this short video discussing my own personal journey in discovering my purpose and the importance of finding and aligning with your own.

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Audio Transcription

Teresa: I wonder if there are some insights or some practice or principle that you’d like to offer the community that’s really supported you in your own process over the years of riding the waves of change that you’ve been faced with.

Kimberly: I think of it like spiritual activism, which is so much how I come into to this as a spiritually oriented, motivated person committed to very concrete global transformations in economics, new energy technologies, and things like that. It’s sort of bridging the world of intuition & intellect and spirit & matter and how to do that requires as much a sense of self as it does a sense of spirit. It’s been easier in my life to have a strong sense of spirit and of the wisdom and of the guidance that’s coming through and more of a real hard-won process to get an equally strong sense of my self and my role in it in my own humanity and all that that brings with it. I now feel blessed with such clarity of purpose that I think it makes everything easier because at least I know I’m doing what I’m here to do and I’m being who I’m here to be.

So, whatever I go through, whatever waves of change there are in that, or whatever comes at me in a global situation or something that I’ve learned about that I wasn’t expecting (for sure in the course of making THRIVE as you know, my true comrade in that process of getting educated, there were ideas and realities that I had never expected to unravel, that we unraveled and had to wrap around and finding my place in it as who am I in relation to this), it’s funny, because I know that I have a lot of courage that’s reflected back to me a lot that I definitely say and do that which I feel called to say and do and to speak the truth that I see and I feel like I recognize that it’s courage, but it’s not like it gets mustered as some kind of bravado. Instead, it’s actually a very quiet knowing where my sense of self and my sense of spirit are aligned when I don’t get confused about that and, instead, allow the spirit to infuse me with my personality and power. That’s when it’s a good time and that’s when the wave can be doing whatever it’s doing and I feel like at least I’m really clear with my purpose.

I still run into so many people who feel timid and insecure. It’s not necessary (I guess it is. If it’s part of the process that you’re going through, it is), but there’s a moment awaiting each of us to claim our purpose and I feel like the universe is this wellspring of assistance for us when we do, just dying for your particular personality to show up and do its passion. Having a clear sense of who we are, each of us, I feel like is the key to the kingdom because when you have that, everything opens up from it and then you can relax and pay attention.

One of the questions I ask a lot is, “what gives me energy?” Instead of judging it when I get an answer, actually including the answer in how I then go about my life. It gives me a lot of energy to work with my hands in the soil. There’s something about it where I come back refreshed and quieted. It serves me greatly to meditate every morning, to take the time to be quiet and to actually get into that other brainwave state where I’m in sync with the rhythm of the planet and open from there before I get to the computer and all my phone calls in the day. Knowing that about myself means, “ok, then I do that” and in doing that, I bring a better “me” to the table. I think it’s time not to hesitate anymore about bringing our better selves to the table.




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