Solutions / Advocate for Renewable and "Free" Energy

The burning of fossil fuels is polluting the air, fueling war and global conflict, and breeding dependency on oil-rich countries. But efficient, sustainable alternatives exist that can revolutionize the energy industry.   You can help make this shift by reducing your reliance on fossil fuels, supporting clean alternatives, and spreading the word about new energy technologies.


Promote New Energy Technologies with a Critical Mass of Others

Sign up for Critical Mass Actions to promote the development, protection, and dissemination of New Energy Technologies. Click here to learn more about New Energy.


Reduce Your Reliance on Fossil Fuels

Buy Less Petroleum Based Products – 93% of American plastics start with natural gas or oil.[1]  Avoid single-use plastic products as much as possible.

10 Things Drivers Can Do to Cut Down on Oil Consumption – You can save a lot of gas by making some simple changes to your driving habits and properly maintaining your car.


Help Create a Green Collar Economy

People in Minnesota are making a transition to a green economy by installing solar, educating students, training a new workforce, creating urban gardens, retrofitting homes, and more. Check out the video below to see how they are doing it. also offers opportunities to get involved and transition away from our reliance on fossil-fuels while providing jobs for those who need it most.

[1] Petroleum Based Products are Around Us, In Us by Seth Borenstein, Associated Press. June 12, 2010: