Science Solutions Strategies

Let’s look to see how to use the lenses of the torus and the Global Domination Agenda (GDA) to optimize our solutions strategies.

In my view the GDA is focused on destroying individual wholeness and centralizing power over others. Surviving and thriving as individuals and as a species depends, I believe, on learning rapidly how to do just the opposite.

Through recognizing the wholeness of the toroidal energy form and the infinite abundance of the energy plenum we inhabit, we can have clean, inexpensive energy for everyone through “New Energy” technology. No war, no pollution, no combustion.

It’s going to take a critical mass of people willing to invest the time and money to provide resources, security, legal defense and publicity to successful inventors. (See New Energy topic)

"Science and new technologies, however, are not sufficient to the emergency we face on this Planet. It is only the expression of Love through response-able action, which is the truly inalienable right and inherent freedom enjoyed by all people who choose to love, that can heal this Living Earth. This is the Freedom of the Spirit. That which denies Love has dominated the Life of Earth for long enough. That which denies Love and Life leads inevitably to disintegration and miserable death. Those who Love are not surprised by the existence of Free Energy. Those who choose to Love are Living Demonstrations of Free Energy."

                      - Adam Trombly, Free Energy Inventor


Through recognizing the wholeness of naturally grown food – free of oil-based pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers, grown in the balance of whole environments of polyculture planting and organic soil, and free of the Genetic Modification of injecting foreign DNA, we can realize greater yields, greater health, and greater prosperity on a healthy, sustainable planet. (See Environment Sector)

Through recognizing the wholeness of each individual and each voluntary transaction as the true basis for a healthy economy, we can eliminate the vast majority of the fraud, counterfeit, subsidies, bailouts and fake financial instruments that are destroying billions of lives as I write. Catherine Austin Fitts has  estimated that people would have 3-10 times the assets and income they have now – just through restoring integrity and true freedom to the “science” of economics. (see Liberty topic and Economics Sector)

Through recognizing the wholeness of each person, their emotions and their rights – through skilled communication – we can move toward the life we all dream of where we feel heard, valued and loved as well as free and able to give the same in return.

Evidence continues to mount that we are all holons in a boundless holarchy, free nodes in a fully-interconnected, holographic and fractal universe of infinite energy.

Holon – an autonomous , self-reliant unit

Holarchy – a system composed of interacting holons

Holographic – each part carries a representation of the whole

Fractal - same pattern repeated at different scales

As we align with the fundamental patterning at all levels – from physical, emotional and mental to spiritual, interpersonal and environmental, we are learning from moment to moment experiments in the practical and transcendent science of love. What a gift to be alive in such a challenging and rewarding adventure!

Recognizing the wholeness of our being, which combines the logic of our rational minds with the inclusive capacity of our intuitive knowing, we can connect with that which is beyond our cognitive comprehension – with the belonging, the healing, and to the experience of unity with cosmic consciousness.


In keeping with the three-stage structure of Solutions Strategies for other sectors and topics, here is a very simple overview in the context of Science. 

Stage 1 - Reform Government
Get corporate influence out of politics and the politicization of scientific research. Eliminate any funding or lobbying from corporations toward the FDA, EPA, NSF, NEA, CDC, etc.

Stage 2 - Limit Government
Get “the State” out of Science, except to protect the rights of any scientists and inventors whose rights are violated

Stage 3
Science is free to operate without state intervention through systems of voluntary cooperation