Sample OPPT Chemtrails Courtesy Notice

A message from activist Rebecca Campbell in Washington State:

This is a new paradigm legal document that anyone may file and use to help stop the war crime of geoengineering/chemtrails on earth. It utilizes the historic legal foundation of the One People’s Public Trust (OPPT) UCC filings that since late 2012 have foreclosed upon/dechartered all transnational corporations worldwide, including those of the corrupt global banking cartel, and all corporations masquerading as governments that serve it, lawfully freeing the people of this planet from all global slavery systems.

It is suggested that anyone wishing to use this template adapt it to their own state of affairs, whether that be state, province, protectorate or nation, its legal/spoken language and customs, as well as doing their own research to give this action appropriate specifics that will endow it with both authenticity and authority.

For best results, this legal action should be addressed to a named official of an alleged government agency supposed to regulate the issue being cited for remedy, concerning which this alleged government agency has failed to fulfill its function. Suspected perpetrators can be placed as parties being courtesy-copied at the bottom of the document, which can then be informally emailed to them. It could be officially filed by sending it via certified or registered mail to that named alleged government official, followed up by sizeable invoices against their personal assets if no remedy is offered. This will politely but forcefully put all offenders on notice that they are being held accountable for their freely chosen criminal actions, especially if they receive many of these targeted public interest courtesy notices.

The OPPT Public Interest Courtesy Notice is a new paradigm legal action that utilizes spiritual awareness as a powerful tool for displacing all darkness on earth, empowering anyone who so chooses to take informed, effective, peaceful systemic action to protect this planet and all life upon her.

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