“Re-Creation”: How to Free Up Blocked Energy Using Focused Awareness — Core Insight #2

Wed, 10 Jul 2013 12:09:00 PDT

By Foster Gamble

This video clip on “re-creation” is part of a series of the most important core insights from my lifetime quest for what it will take to actually thrive.

What is “re-creation”? It doesn’t refer to hobbies and playtime. It’s the technique of fully infusing your conscious awareness into the essence of a block or conflict in a way that releases it and allows the inhibited energy to naturally move to the next level.

I can’t overstate the importance of this insight and skill in creating harmonious and fulfilling relationships — including with ourselves.

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Audio Transcription

One of the most important insights I’ve learned about is the principle of re-creation. When we re-create in our consciousness the way something truly is, it tends to disappear and the energy moves to the next level. Here are some examples:

When you really listen to what someone is saying, their need to communicate it goes away and the conversation moves to the next level.

When a good massage therapist stimulates a tight, sore spot in your body just enough to help fully bring your attention there, the knot tends to dissolve away, freeing the energy flow once again.

If someone is attacking you physically and you re-create their attack (as in Aikido) by moving into alignment with it instead of resisting, the impact of the attack disappears and you can have the power to lead the energy where you want it to go.

When bullies are finally seen as afraid and insecure, they begin to lose their power of intimidation.

When we re-create through bio-mimicry how nature sustains healthy living systems, we can steward a thriving planet. When we re-create the fundamental energy pattern of the universe technologically, we can tap abundant, clean, and safe energy. As we identify the money scam and the Global Domination Agenda, it begins to lose its ability to deceive, manipulate, and control us. Our recognition and effective response function as re-creation so we can withdraw our agreement and our resources and set ourselves free to create a true and thriving world.

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