Patrick Flanagan

Physicist, physician and visionary inventor of revolutionary technologies.

"I believe that humanity is moving into the next dimension and that we can’t cross the frontier or the border of that dimension without pure and absolute harmony. The only feeling that I know that could be measured scientifically as pure harmony is the feeling of love. The Golden Ratio… You can take brainwaves, you can take the heartbeat, you can take even the voice waves – you will find out that when a person is truly projecting love that all of the overtones of the voice are The Golden Ratio, Fibonacci."

- Patrick Flanagan


Dr. Patrick Flanagan is a futurist, scientist, inventor, and founder of Phi Sciences. As the creator of more than 300 inventions, Flanagan draws inspiration from and models inventions after the fundamental patterning in nature—particularly the Phi ratio— significantly contributing to the advancement of nanotechnology, medicine, and the sciences. In 1997, Flanagan was named Scientist of the Year by the International Association for New Science.  He has written many articles that have been published in Peer Reviewed Journals such as the Journal of Medicinal Food, the International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, and Free Radical Biology and Medicine.