Ocean Robbins

Young visionary leader and co-founder of Youth for Environmental Sanity (YES!).

“Everybody has unique contributions to make to this planet. There are more than 6.5 billion parts to play in the transformation of our world, each a unique path, coming out of our histories, our struggles and devastations, and our dreams for the future. Whatever love, nurturance, opportunities and privileges have been given to us, they're ours now. In this precious, wild and crazy thing we call our lives, what choices will we make? What will be our impact upon this planet and upon those with whom we share it?”

- Ocean Robbins

Ocean Robbins is founder of Youth for Environmental Sanity (YES!), an organization that helps visionary young leaders build a better world, and the author of Choices For Our Future and The Power of Partnership.  Ocean has served on the Board of Directors for Friends of the Earth, Creating Our Future, The Turning Tide Coalition, and EarthSave International.  

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