Norman G. Kurland

Proponent of the “Just Third Way,” using capital credit to decentralize wealth – an intriguing strategy to consider for Phase 1 Solutions.

“Because the ownership of productive capital is so crucial to freedom and human happiness, discriminating among citizens as to who has access to capital credit constitutes as gross a violation of equal protection of the laws as discrimination in access to the ballot. Americans are beginning to discover that such a violation of our fundamental constitutional rights is taking place daily on a systematic basis.”

- Norman Kurland

Norman G. Kurland is a leading lawyer-economist focused on reforming the current money system for the benefit of all humanity. He is the co-founder and President of the Center for Economic and Social Justice, a volunteer based organization promoting economic empowerment for all; co-founder of the Global Justice Movement, an organization determined to create a “Just Third Way” by decentralizing wealth and property through programs such as Employee Stock Ownership Plans (ESOP); and founder of Equity Expansion International, Inc., an investment banking firm helping poor and working people around the world generate income.

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