Gay and Katie Hendricks

Therapists, authors and specialists in co-creative relationship.

“A co-creative relationship is one in which two people access more of their creativity as a result of their loving interaction. Out of the harmony of a co-committed relationship springs an enhanced energy that enables both partners to make a greater contribution than either one could have made alone.”

- Kathlyn & Gay Hendricks, Conscious Loving


Kathlyn Hendricks, PH.D. and Gay Hendricks, PH.D., are experts in the field of body-mind integration. As a married couple of more than 30 years, Gay and Kathlyn show the potential and growth that can happen in co-creative partnerships. Together the two run the Hendricks Institute, an organization teaching skills for conscious living to individuals, couples and corporations. They have co-authored many books including bestselling Conscious Loving, At the Speed of Life, and The Conscious Heart and have appeared on over 500 radio and TV programs.