Evon Peter

Native American leader in the work of wellness, sustainability and Indigenous rights.

“Our inability to adequately address the many critical issues facing American people today are symptoms of a United States that harbors a tainted heart. Reconciling our relationship with American Indian nations is the first step to building a foundation upon which life, liberty, and justice can be attained for all.”
- Evon Peter

Evon Peter is the former Chief of the Neetsaii Gwich’in Native American tribe from Arctic Village in northeastern Alaska. He is an advocate of Indigenous peoples rights and environmental justice, active as an organizer, writer, and speaker. Evon is the owner of Gwanzhii, LLC, which provides facilitation, program development, community based wellness, suicide prevention, and leadership development among Alaska Native and Native American tribes. He is also the Director of The Indigenous Leadership Institute, a non-profit organization that supports young leaders in their quest to create a more sustainable, peaceful world while remaining grounded in their diverse spiritual and traditional backgrounds. Evon has served as the Co-Chair of the Gwich’in Council International and on the Executive Board of the Alaska Inter-Tribal Council. He resides in Fairbanks, Alaska with his wife and four children.