Catherine Austin Fitts

Former Assistant Secretary of HUD, exposing the government’s fraudulent accounting practices and promoting decentralized economies.

“We have the power to take personal responsibility to learn how the money works in our neighborhoods and our lives and workplaces, and then take steps to cleanse the money in our control. In short, it's time to electrify the power of our intention with the power of our transactions.”

- Catherine Austin Fitts

Catherine Austin Fitts is an experienced investment strategist and critical analyst of the global financial system.  As a former Wall Street banker for Dillon, Read & Co. Inc., former Assistant Secretary of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), founder of Hamilton Securities investment bank, and founder of Solari Inc. and Solari Investment Advisory Services, LLC, Fitts has tracked billions of dollars of missing government money and led an alternative investment strategy designed to increase financial wealth while contributing to a more just, sustainable world.