Ashok Gangadean

Professor of Philosophy, author and deep dialogue facilitator.


“Perhaps the single most powerful event facing humanity today is a great awakening on a planetary scale that has been millennia in the making. We humans are in the midst of a profound advance as a species to a higher form of global consciousness that has been emerging across cultures, religions and worldviews through the centuries. This awakening of global consciousness is nothing less than a shift, a maturation, from more egocentric patterns of life to a higher form of integral and dialogic patterns of life.”

- Ashok Gangadean

Ashok Gangadean is a professor of philosophy at Haverford College, founder and Director of the Global Dialogue Institute, founder of the Logos Institute, and co-convener of the World Commission on Global Consciousness and Spirituality. His work merges Eastern and Western philosophy into one of universal reason, taking humanity beyond duality and into a unified philosophy. He is the author of several books, including Meditative Reason: Toward Universal Grammar, and Between Worlds: the Emergence of Global Reason.