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SkyderALERT is a social network of people concerned about the health and environmental risks of GeoEngineering, Solar Radiation Management, and other weather modification programs that leave harmful and unsightly “chemtrails” in our skies.
A swap of leadership within an inherently corrupt system will not solve our problems. The Federal Reserve is the problem itself. Find out why, here.
We created our film as a trailer for the THRIVE website and the site as a tool to empower discovery and activism for leveraged solutions. We want to make sure you don’t miss some key areas!
Take Back Your Power is a documentary about the benefits and risks of so-called “smart” electricity, gas, and water meters.
An important citizen hearing on ET/UFO Disclosure is happening the week of April 29–May 3, 2013.
Sirius is a documentary about the pioneering work of Dr. Steven Greer in the field of UFO and New Energy research.
Foster Gamble talks about Bitcoin from the THRIVE perspective.
The Thrive Solutions Hub was recently featured in Conscious Life News as an evolutionary tool for resolving critical world issues by enabling activists to pool their resources and talents.
The Thrive Filmmakers attended the LA Conscious Life Expo in February, 2013. Here’s a video excerpt from Kimberly Carter Gamble’s panel discussion on money, morality and the power you get from aligning your values with your life.
Thrive Filmmaker, Foster Gamble, will be touring Australia for the Solutions Summit this November. Join him in Melbourne on Nov 3, Sydney on Nov 10, or Gold Coast on Nov 17. More info and tickets at
The US is the only industrialized nation that prohibits growing industrial hemp despite the fact that it’s highly profitable; can be used to make more than 25,000 products, including paper, fiber, plastics, textiles, and rope; and does not require the use of herbicides or pesticides to grow it. Many communities are aiming to make industrial hemp legal, which would benefit farmers, our economy, and the environment.