Liberty Solutions Strategies

“Natural ability of people to solve their problems has been forcibly restricted throughout history.”                                                                                              

   - Stefan Molyneux

There are many investigators, researchers and journalists who are doing excellent work at exposing problems.  I find far fewer who offer solutions beyond the usual right vs. left political strategies that end up ultimately creating bigger government – a more powerful and centralized state.

At THRIVE, we are proposing a process of three overlapping stages to move toward a truly free society. I have observed that liberty spokespeople are often so reticent to create a transition strategy that is not perfectly free right away, that no plan ends up being proposed. If I weigh 250 pounds and I want to get down to 200, I will need to pass through 225.

 “We won’t get to anarchy except through minarchy.”

                                            Michael Badnarik

I believe the key to an effective transition strategy is, as Rothbard says, “to keep the goal (of ultimate freedom) in mind, and create no new violations along the way.”

One of the seldom-acknowledged factors that will contribute to the transition to a truly free society is the inestimable creativity of the unleashed human spirit.

So NO NEW TAXES would be created, as most of the old ones are being phased out in Stage 1. Funds freed up from a dramatic decrease in the empire-oriented military budget and the ending of interest payments to the Federal Reserve could be used to help those most in need during the initial stage, and to support transition to clean alternative energy, organic farming and restoration of the land, forests, water and air.

I can imagine a new “Thrive” party emerging from activities like the “Occupy” movement, where individuals from different parties, who are known for their integrity – like Republican Senator Ron Paul, Democratic Congressman Dennis Kucinich, and Libertarian William Still would join together with the goal of dwindling and then ending the state as we know it over a period of time – for instance two four year terms. Senator Paul is renowned for his commitment to shrinking government, ending foreign wars and imperialism and abolishing the Federal Reserve. While he is making sure that happens, Representative Kucinich could be steering the re-direction of shrinking tax revenue toward and compassionate and effective transition. An advisor like Stefan Molyneux would be key for immediately starting to liberate everyone from the shackles of the state and facilitating the emergence of all-voluntary systems. Molyneux is Canadian, but remember the nation state would be in the process of disappearing. Free human beings living on one planet, needing to honor the person, property and privacy of each individual, in order to keep their insurance, their security and the integrity and respect of others that would become the most important commodities of all.

Stage 2 would see the shrinking of the state begun in Stage 1 completed to where the only role of government is as a “protectorate,” defending individual rights and stewarding some of the commons as needed – like the airwaves and waterways.

The prosperity restored in Stages 1 & 2, along with what is learned from the development of private security, insurance, healthcare, schools, and Dispute Resolution Organizations will have prepared the way for a truly free society in Stage 3 – without the need for any involuntary taxation or government.

Here are a few examples of seemingly intractable problems that delightfully vanish in a stateless, free society:

Government media propaganda, taxation, earmarks, signing statements, mandatory schooling, , state-level wars, world wars, energy suppression, monopoly on Currency, UFO secrecy, the bribery that is lobbying and campaign contributions, subsidies, bailouts, military conscription...

All that goes away!

Common Misperceptions about Advocates of the Liberty Perspective when Engaged Superficially:

                                    (Inspired by and adapted from Stefan Molyneux)

Myth #1) They don’t like community.

Actually we prefer community to state enforced situations like unions, forced marriages etc.

Myth #2) They don’t care about the poor.

In fact, we care so much that we want the poor to have every opportunity to provide for themselves and for charity to be as effective as possible rather than disempowering like most government welfare programs that lock most families into poverty for generations. We want to establish the means for a fair economic system to empower all people to engage meaningfully and prosperously. With welfare programs people have little chance of making it when all that is offered is reliance on a controlling and disempowering government institution with no way out. When we create meaningful opportunities to get the State out of the way of people’s natural eagerness to participate in their own empowerment and that of others, we believe we can create true alternatives to setting up income redistribution programs and mailing out checks, which has not, does not and will not ever solve poverty.


Myth #3) Liberty advocates  don’t care about the sick.

We believe in transitioning out of programs like Medicare and Medicaid, because they are inefficient, unreliable and inherently increasingly expensive. We believe people should have the power to make their own medical decisions and pay for the best possible care, and that with an honest money system and elimination of government dependence,  people can do that. We support a gradual but committed strategy that does not leave people in the dust on our way to a new system of self-governance. And we take an honest look at the corrupt and ineffective system we now rely on through the State, where it costs about $800 million to get a drug approved by the FDA while natural remedies are suppressed. Meanwhile 270 people in America die every day from prescription drugs, and a vast and increasing number of people don’t have any care at all.

What is going to happen to all the people who are dependent on social Security and Medicare/Medicaid when the government runs out of money and stops paying?

Myth #4) They don’t care about the old because they want to get rid of social security.

Actually we want the old to have their money. And the taxation and Ponzi scheme of Social Security end up much worse for them than if they had been able to keep the money and either invest it or just keep it themselves.

It would be totally immoral in the private sector if a boss said to their employee, “give me a certain amount of your money you earn and later my kids will give it back, maybe a little less though. But don’t worry about it. You have to do it.” That is what social security is.

Myth #5) They are cold and heartless and don’t believe in charity.

Quite the opposite. We just know that statistically private charity is much more effective than government charity. Government charity can’t be counted on, whereas when people have their own money, it has been demonstrated that they will indeed use it to care for one another, and with far greater efficiency and intelligence than the government does.  We believe we should have the opportunity to choose ourselves how to care for each other.. We believe in a transition strategy to ease our way out of caring for those most disenfranchised by this system into one where 1) there are fewer disenfranchised because the State stops taking their money and their power, and 2) for those who need care we can help them ourselves with the money we have back when we create an honest money system that restores to us what we are currently paying to the bankers in the form of interest, inflation and taxation.

Myth #6) They must be a lot of hippies and drug addicts because they are in favor of the legalization of drugs.

It’s actually because we are against violence, not for the use of drugs. It’s not fair that people can bang down your door and haul you off to jail because you smoke marijuana in the privacy of your own home, hurting no one.

Gambling drugs and prostitution are the core source of revenue for the criminal justice system...and they are all not only victimless crimes, but they are not crimes at all.

Prohibition of drugs, just as it did with alcohol, raises the rewards for criminal activity.


Myth #7) They must think only the elite should have good education.

We are in favor of getting rid of public schools in the same way that we are against all government programs because people are being forced to pay for something they may or may not want – that may well go against their core values.

It is only moral to allow people to choose the education system which best fits their needs. Without government schools there would still be scholarships, charitable schools...There would be whatever schools people choose and create. People would actually be better taken care of than they are now. The literacy rate has gone down since the beginning of this century.

Also in state run school you are not going to get any reasonable explanation of state run government and that is all run based on coercion and violence.


Myth #8) Liberty thinkers must be Republicans on steroids.

It actually has nothing to do with the left vs. right illusion.

The liberal agenda tends to represent compassion, but which mostly relies on increased government to provide it. The traditional conservative agenda seeks to reduce the role of government in our lives, and often suggests doing so in ways that abandons people most in need. We support a non-partisan transition that takes the best of both of these perspectives, and gradually withdraws government support while simultaneously empowering people financially by reducing government intervention (taking our money in the form of tax, inflation and interest- all of which are unnecessary and immoral.)

Myth #9) They’re only in favor of property rights to make the rich richer.

In fact, we believe that government intervention and control is what keeps the rich rich and prevents all people from having a chance to participate meaningfully in ownership and control of their own means of survival.

Myth #10) Advocates of liberty don’t stand a chance of getting their dreams realized.

It took about 100 years to get rid of slavery. Liberty has been around as a political movement about 40 years and as a philosophy since the 1920s and some going back to the founding fathers.


For a recent conference on Liberty, some people put together a “Unanimous Declaration of Independence.” I find it a refreshing and inspiring read that rings true and deep. I think it can help inform the natural arising instincts of the Occupy movement and provide some clarity on how to avoid the path of tyranny at this critical fork in the road in human evolution.

A Unanimous Declaration of Independence

When, in the course of human events, free, sovereign persons, equal in authority with all others and willing to accept responsibility for their own lives, come to acknowledge that neither obligation nor practical necessity demands the subjugation of any to the will of any other and that they can and must abandon the illusion of the state’s legitimacy and desirability, the desire to celebrate and defend the reality of freedom and the equality of authority among persons impels them to announce and explain their commitment to a society based on peaceful voluntary cooperation.

We hold these truths to be beyond dispute:

  • That all people are equal in authority and inherent worth;
  • That each person is an end in him- or herself who can never justly be used unwillingly as a means to another’s ends;
  • That all are thus entitled to live free from enslavement and domination in a society organized on the principles of peaceful, voluntary cooperation;
  • That - in light of the importance of autonomy, coordination, compensation, generosity, incentivization, peacemaking, productivity, reliability, simplicity, stability, and stewardship -  everyone has good reason to favor rules that enable each person to control and freely convey to others the possessions he or she acquires either through labor leading to actual possession of through voluntary transfer;
  • That the state- demanding a monopoly of force and sustained only by persistent aggression- is inescapably the enemy of such a society; and
  • That the welfare of each and the welfare of all demand the state’s abolition and its replacement by a community of freedom.

Prudence, indeed, will dictate that social institutions long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly all experience has shown that humans are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, then to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed. But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, tending invariably in the same direction, evinces the likelihood that they will be subjected to injustice and despotism, they are more than entitled to throw off the agency responsible for their subjugation and to craft new institutions better able to foster security, prosperity, and peace.

Such has been the patient sufferance we who have been subjected to the exploitative rule of the state since it first emerged have endured; and such is now the necessity which constrains us to alter our circumstance by seeking to free ourselves from the rule of this deficient and destructive institution. The history of the state is a history of repeated injuries and usurpations, all having in direct object the establishment of an absolute tyranny over each person. To prove this, let facts be submitted to an unbiased world.

  • The state causes death and destruction by waging aggressive war.
  • The state maintains it power by infringing on the privacy of peaceful people.
  • The state subjects people to detention without trial.
  • The state sanctions torture.
  • The state exacts tribute from those who do not wish to support its destructive schemes.
  • The state tyrannously deprives people of justly acquired possessions. 
  • The state confers privileges that foster inefficiency and enable exploitation.
  • The state uses violence to punish and constrain the non-violent.
  • The state has made itself, in short, the enemy of freedom and peace.

We have repeatedly objected to these injustices in the most humble terms. But our repeated petitions have been answered only by repeated injury. An institution which exhibits just those characteristics that are definitive of tyranny is unfit to be a source of law and order for a free and peaceful people.

We have protested efforts by the state to extend an unwarrantable jurisdiction over us. We have reminded those who claim to rule us of the reality of our freedom and dignity, of our essential equality with them. But they have been deaf to the voice of justice and of common humanity. We can no longer rely on their support or defense.

We, therefore, each of us free and equal in dignity, worth, and essential authority with all others, do- each in his or her own name, acting with that independence to which each is entitled- do solemnly publish and declare that we are, each of us, absolved from all allegiance to the state; and that as free and equal persons, we have full power to govern our own lives. 

             - Created by Joyce Brand, Gary Chartrier and Sky Conway at, October 2011