Invest Responsibly

If you have money to invest, put it toward something that aligns with your values. It could be a locally owned business or project, a person with potential to do great things, or an SRI Mutual Fund. Your money can help build a better world.  Check out some of the resources below to learn more about SRI.

Audio Seminars:

The Investors Collection by Catherine Austin Fitts.



Natural Capital Institute – NCI has created a comprehensive public online database of complete equity holdings and screening categories of SRI mutual funds in the US and Canada.

Kiva – Kiva is a micro-lending organization that connects borrowers and lenders from around the world to alleviate poverty. You can easily find out who needs funding and contribute small amounts to various people and projects through their website.

Highwater Global Fund – A unique global equity fund investing in companies that provide solutions to environmental and social challenges. Minimum investment required.